CUTrevor 2017-11-17 11:46:33

The Tigers improved to 3-0 last night with a win over Ohio, in which they led almost the entire game. Surprisingly, Hofstra beat Dayton last night 72-69, so the Tigers will face Hofstra in the seminfinal tonight in Charleston at 9:30 ET on ESPNU. If the Tigers win tonight, they will face the winner of Auburn and Temple on Sunday night at 9:30 in the final. Eli Thomas had his best career game last night with no fouls, and Grantham has scored 51 in the last 3 games! Best 3-game stretch of his career. I asked Brownell the other day about Grantham's 31 points in the previous two games and whether that bodes well for some consistency from him. Brownell said he's seen Grantham putting a lot of extra time in on his shot outside of practice.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 12:00:57


CLEMSON (3-0) vs. HOFSTRA (3-0) 

Date: Friday, November 17

Tipoff: 9:30 p.m. ET 

Arena: TD Arena (5,100) 

Radio: CTN (William Qualkinbush-pbp; Terrence Oglesby-color) 

TV: ESPNU (Doug Sherman-pbp; Cory Alexander-color) 

• Tonight’s game will mark the fourth all-time meeting between Clemson and Hofstra

• The Tigers are 3-0 all-time against the Pride

• The first meeting between both programs was a 77-63 win by Clemson on the road on Dec. 17, 1988.

• Both teams met the next season, resulting in a 91-58 win for the Tigers in Clemson on Jan. 20, 1990.

• This will mark the first meeting between the Tigers and the Pride since the 2008-09 season when Clemson beat Hofstra in the season opener at home, 98-69, on Nov. 14, 2008.

• Clemson holds a 20-5 overall mark against members of the Colonial Athletic Conference.



CU Series W-L record: Clemson leads 3-0.

Streak: Clemson has won all three games in the series.



• Elijah Thomas notched his third career double-double with 17 points and 15 rebounds

• Thomas became the first Clemson player to achieve at least 15 points and 15 rebounds since Trevor Booker did it on the exact same date in the exact same gym nine years ago (11/16/08) vs. Temple.

• For the third-straight game the Tigers boasted at least four double-digit scorers.

• Donte Grantham became the first Tiger this season to eclipse 20 points in a game (season-high). It was also Grantham’s fourth 20-point outing of his career..

• Shelton Mitchell notched a season-high with 16 points.

• For the third-straight game, the Tigers got to the foul line 20+ times – shooting 23-for-28.

• The Tigers shot a season-best 58.6 percent from the field in the first half.

• Clemson has started the season 3-0 in two of the past three seasons.

• Clemson moves to 62-28 all-time in the month of November under the direction of Brad Brownell. 

• Coach Brownell is now just six wins shy of 300 for his career (294).


CUTrevor 2017-11-17 12:54:57

Temple beat Auburn earlier tonight, so the winner of this game will face Temple on Sunday night at 9:30 for the final.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 20:52:52

Eli starts the game with a block, and Mitchell hits a 3! Tigers lead 3-0.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 20:55:56

Grantham with a transition dunk off the pass from Mitchell! Tigers lead 5-0. Grantham was #25 in the nation coming into the game at 75% from the field. Knock on wood! He obviously won't keep that pace up, but if the Tigers can get around 50% out of him for the season, look out!

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 20:56:33

Mitchell with another outside jumper! Tigers lead 7-2.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 20:57:19

Grantham for 3! He has 5 points already after scoring 20 last night and 51 in the last 3 games. Tigers are 2-3 from 3 in the early going. They lead 10-2.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 20:58:58

Grantham is 7 of 13 from 3 this season.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 20:59:36

Nice drive for a layup by Reed. Tigers lead 12-5.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:01:19

Hofstra hits a 3 out of the timeout. Tigers lead 12-8.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:03:02

Reed with a short jumper puts the Tigers up 14-8. He has 4 points. Eli picked up his first foul a minute ago on the offensive end. Amazingly, he had ZERO fouls last night in his best career game, posting 17 and 15. Foul trouble has been his biggest issue since coming to Clemson.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:03:26

3-point play by Hofstra cuts it to 14-11.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:04:25

Grantham with a jumper in the lane! He has 7 points already. Tigers lead 16-11 with 13 mins left in the half.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:05:47

Mark Donnal into the game for the Tigers.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:07:53

Tigers with their size advantage already have 4 blocks less than a quarter into the game.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:08:28

A.J. Oliver comes into the game and promptly hits a 3! Tigers lead 19-11.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:09:37

Freshman A.J. Oliver comes into the game and promptly hits a 3! Tigers lead 19-11.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:10:38

Oliver with an offensive board but should have kicked it out instead of chucking it back up with no rebounders.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:11:15

Tigers' lead cut down to 19-16 after going a little cold on offense.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:12:59

Ugh Eli picks up his second foul on the offensive end. He goes to the bench and has yet to score. This is what we are used to seeing.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:13:50

Hofstra just took its first lead of the game 20-19 with Eli on the bench.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:14:33

Mitchell gets the lead back with his second 3 of the half! He has 8, Tigers lead by 2.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:16:27

DeVoe for 3! 4th Tiger to hit a 3 already. They lead 25-22.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:17:36

Steal and transition layup by DeVoe off the pass by Mitchell and the foul! Will have a chance to put the Tigers up 6 at the line. DeVoe has scored on the Tigers' last two possessions.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:18:34

DeVoe completes the 3-point play. Tigers lead by 6 with 7 mins left in the half.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:21:19

Ugh Sims comes into the game and shoots a quick 3. Don't like that shot.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:22:29

Mitchell makes a pair of free throws to put the Tigers up by 6 with under 5 mins left in the half. Mitchell has 10.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:26:03

Ugh Tigers what should have been an easy rebound, and Hofstra puts it in for a layup. Lead cut to 2 with 3:15 left in the half.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:27:00

Reed with a steal, gets fouled in transition! He'll shoot 2.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:27:38

Reed makes them both! Tigers lead by 4 with under 3 mins left in the half.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:28:45

Reed with an offensive board and put back! Tigers lead by 6.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:30:56

Reed for 3! He's scored the last 7 points for the Tigers. They lead by 7 with under a minute left in the half.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:32:33

Grantham for 3!!! Tigers lead by 10! 

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:36:20

Reed to Grantham for an easy dunk! Grantham has 12 in the thalf.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:37:18

Donnal picks up a charge call! Tigers' ball with 36 secs left in the half.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:39:30

Mitchell misses a 3, Reed with an offensive board but also misses. Half court heave by Hofstra no good.


CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:44:44

Grantham leads the Tigers with 12 at the break. Mitchell has 10 points despite leaving the game with 2 fouls. Reed has been outstanding in the last 2 halves, scoring 12 in the 2nd half last night and 11 in the 1st half tonight. He's done a nice job at the point in Mitchell's absence. Hate to see Eli back on the bench for most of the half with 2 fouls--both at the offensive end--but it's nice to see the Tigers able to build a 10-point halftime lead with him out of the game.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:47:15

Hofstra's big man just picked up his 3rd foul early in the half and goes to the bench!

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:49:12

Ugh Grantham does a great job getting a layup in right at the buzzer, but the refs say it was a fraction of a second late. Tigers lead by 8 early in the 2nd half.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:50:03

DeVoe with a great offensive board and put back! Tigers lead by 10 again.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:50:48

Reed drives and draws a foul. Hofstra's other big man draws his 4th foul! Both their bigs in foul trouble early in the half.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:52:02

Reed with a rare FT miss. Tigers lead by 9.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:53:07

Eli and one!!! Great job fighting on the offensive glass for his first bucket of the game.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:54:34

Eli finishes the 3-point play! Tigers lead by 12. They should be able to impose their will in the paint with both of Hofstra's big men in foul trouble.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:55:05

Two 3's in a row cuts the lead to 6.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:55:43

Reed with a floater in the lane! Tigers' lead back to 8.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:56:30

Eli with a nice pass to Grantham for a layup! Tigers lead by 10.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:57:48

Grantham for 3!!! He has 17 and puts the Tigers up by 13. Unfortunately, Eli picked up his 3rd foul and will have to come out again. All 3 of his fouls are on the offensive end!

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 21:58:42

Reed transition layup after a steal! Tigers lead by 15. Reed has 16.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:00:23

Donnal with a reverse layup after a terrific no-look pass by Grantham! Incredible how good Grantham looks right now. If he keeps this up all season, the Tigers should make the NCAA barring injuries. Knock on wood! Tigers lead by 15.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:02:03

Donnal with a big block! Tigers have 7 blocks in the game. 

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:02:53

Donnal with a nice interior pass to Sims for a layup! Tigers lead by 17 with under 12 to play.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:03:47

Mitchell for 3!!! Tigers roar out to a 20-point lead with 11:30 left! 64-44

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:12:02

Nice drive and layup by DeVoe. Tigers still lead by 20.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:16:28

Eli with a layup. Tigers lead by 18 with under 7 mins left.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:17:34

Grantham with a drive and layup! He now has 19, looking to go over 20 for the second straight night. Tigers lead by 18. He is 8-11 tonight, which is amazingly right at his season average!

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:20:26

DeVoe fouled on a drive and will go to the line. Tigers in the bonus.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:21:23

DeVoe makes em both to put the Tigers back up 17 with under 5 mins left. He has 12 tonight.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:22:40

Donte misses front end of a one-and-one, still at 19 points.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:26:15

GRANTHAM AND ONE!!! He's now over 20 points for the second straight night and will go to the line for a 3-point play.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:27:24

Donte completes the 3-point play, ties his career high with 22 points. Tigers lead by 18 with less than a minute left.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:28:02

Scott Spencer for 3! Tigers lead by 19.

CUTrevor 2017-11-17 22:30:23

TIGERS WIN 78-59!!!

They improve to 4-0 with 3 blowout wins and will face Temple in the Charleston Classic Final on Sunday night at 9:30 ET on ESPN2.

Grantham has scored 73 points in the last 4 games and is shooting close to 80% on the season. Knock on wood!

It's also worth noting that the Tigers have been without their best defensive player, David Skara, during this 4-0 start! As I reported last week, the Valpo transfer was suspended for 9 games for NCAA violations by Valpo. He will return for the Florida game. Tigers could not have hoped for a better start though! Let's hope they keep it up and don't suffer any injuries--especially to Shelton Mitchell, who has a bad knee and is the Tigers' only true point guard. 

Eli Thomas needs to learn how to stay out of foul trouble. He had his best career game last night with a career-high 17 points and 15 boards with no fouls. To put that in perspective, it was the first time a Clemson player posted 15 points and 15 rebounds since Trevor Booker did it on the very same night in the very same Charleston arena 9 years ago! Tonight, on the other hand, Thomas spent most of the game on the bench in foul trouble. Impressively, the Tigers were still able to blow out a good Hofstra team that beat Dayton, but Eli needs to learn how to manage his fouls. All 3 of his early fouls were on the offensive end. Those are simply not worth it.

CUTrevor 2017-11-18 00:14:52

CLEMSON, S.C. — A crucial 16-2 run in the second half and phenomenal games from Marcquise Reed and Donte Grantham pushed Clemson men’s basketball over the top against Hofstra, 78-59, in Friday night’s Charleston Classic semifinal matchup.


The Tigers (4-0) once again got double-digit scoring from four players, including Grantham who finished with a game-and-season-high and career-high-matching 22 points on 9-for-12 shooting.


Reed put together, quite possibly, one of his best game ever. Reed posted his first career double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds, while adding in six assists and three steals to the effort. Reed also did not commit a turnover in the contest.


Both Shelton Mitchell and Gabe DeVoe finished with 13 points and 12 points, respectively.


Clemson got off to fast start, up 10-2, just over three minutes into the game. The lead would change twice in the first half, but a strong finish on a 12-4 run helped propel the Tigers to a 10 point halftime lead.


With 15:30 to play and the Tigers clinging to a six-point lead at 48-42, Clemson would orchestrate a 16-2 run to blow the game wide open. A jumper from Reed would spark the run and include Reed scoring or assisting on eight of the next 10 points, including a great crosscourt pass to Grantham for a three.


A Mitchell 3-pointer would cap the run and force a Hofstra timeout with the Tigers leading 64-44 and 11:27 left. The Tigers would keep the Pride at bay and finish off the 19-point victory to advance to Sunday’s tournament final game against Temple.


Sunday’s game will be aired on ESPN2 and has a tip time of 9:30 p.m. ET.


Notes: The win marked Clemson’s first 4-0 start since the beginning of the 2013-14 season … Marcquise Reed notched his first career double-double with 16 points and a career-high 11 rebounds … Reed matched his career-high with six assists … for the fourth-straight game the Tigers boasted at least four double-digit scorers … Donte Grantham has produced back-to-back double-digit scoring games, his fifth career 20-point outing … Grantham matched his career-high with 22 points … the Tigers assisted on 62.0 percent of its made field goals (18 assists on 29 made field goals) … Clemson moved to 4-0 all-time against Hofstra and 21-5 all-time against members of the CAA … the Tigers are now 63-28 in the month of November under head coach Brad Brownell … coach Brownell is now just five wins shy of 300 for his career (295).