Jimbo Fisher could leave FSU

CUTrevor 2017-11-29 13:31:59

A&M has offered him a ton of money, and it's being reported in Tallahassee that his players think he's leaving. When there were rumors he could leave last year for LSU, I said it wouldn't happen and was right. However, I think he has soured on FSU now after they have totally turned on him because of one bad season in which he lost his quarterback and had to play a true freshman. Absolutely no appreciation for winning a national title 4 years ago and making the playoff 3 years ago. Before this season, FSU had the most wins next to Alabama during his tenure. 

If this deal does go down, it could be HUGE for the Tigers! This could set FSU back years. Even if they get Scott Frost and he does a great job, you'd have to expect that a change like this would take a toll on recruiting--something in which Jimbo excelled. 

Also, if A&M doesn't land Jimbo, it will be interesting to see if they hire Chad Morris, who is an A&M grad and would take the job for next to nothing. Stay tuned!