CUTrevor 2017-10-19 10:13:20

Guys, as you can see we are undergoing some major changes here. After the recent bankruptcy of Scout and subsequent merger with 247 Sports, I have severed my relationship with Scout and will be fully independent going forward. Gary and I will still be bringing you the same great daily coverage of Clemson Football, Recruiting, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer, but we will be free to make all of our own decisions regarding the operation of the site and content we provide. I believe wholeheartedly that you will be very happy with the improvements and end product. For example, you can already see that you will have the editing options we used to have on the message boards that Scout eliminated when they migrated to the 247 platform. There will be many other benefits to this move, but obviously it will be a work in progress and I appreciate your patience with us as we go through the growing pains of the transition and building this site back up from scratch. 

You have probably already received an e-mail from Scout trying to influence you to join Clemson 247, and you are welcome to check out their site, but I can assure you that the coverage you will find here over the course of the rest of the football season will be far superior. The staff that run that site live in Charlotte and Atlanta, and they are frequently absent from interviews, games, etc. Clemson 247 wasn't even present at the Syracuse game on Friday night from what I saw, and that was obviously a pretty important game. 

So bear with us, and please engage in the discussion by posting regularly. We can have a special community of loyal Clemson Family members, and it starts with you. I have no doubt that we can make this the best Clemson site on the net, and you can be a part of the ground floor! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please e-mail me at trevor@cutigers.com, and I will respond as soon as I'm able. 

As far as the schedule over the next few days, I have videos from today's football interviews that I will post as soon as I can. I will also be posting the transcript from our Monday teleconference with Dabo as well as Gary's Radar. We have basketball media day Wednesday morning, and I will post videos with Brownell, the assistants and players Wednesday afternoon. We are also supposed to get an interview with Dabo after practice Wednesday evening. Finally, I will post my Grades and Analysis for the Syracuse game on Thursday.

Thanks again for sticking with us, and Go Tigers!

Gary McDaniel 2017-10-19 11:03:58

Hey there everyone!  SO EXCITED!!!  about the new home and transition for CUTigers.com.  We are gonna be ramping up our already great Coverage of all things Clemson Sports and Recruiting.  We will be uploading more and more content each and every day.  And be sure to keep up with the RECRUITING RADAR forum for all your recruiting news!  Again welcome to the new home of CUTigers.com and be sure to Share on Facebook and Twitter !   We look forward to hearing from you and be sure to post and let us know what we can do to further the Clemson experience here on CUTigers.com

Joy 2017-10-19 11:24:26

Hey guys.... it's Joy Suddeth. I can't tell you how EXCITED I AM about the NEW CUTigers.com!!!  I am really looking forward to bringing you the BEST coverage and share great things with you in the exciting days that are ahead for the Tigers!!  Stay tuned as we will be continuing our Game Day Galleries and much much more for our awesome Fans!!

ljg48 2017-10-25 14:25:32

Glad to see the site is back! I was being sent to 247 every time I typed in CUTigers.com on my browser, but when I cleared my cache and deleted cookies, it brought me here. I'm sure it's a work in progress, but I already like the features on the forum better. I COULDN'T DO THIS ON THE OLD SCOUT SITE!