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1-2-3-4! 1-2-3-4!

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Well, it would totally figure that the site would go down for the first time right before kickoff! My apologies to anyone trying to log on. I am changing companies as soon as possible, so this will be a one-time thing. As if it’s not bad enough I got absolutely drenched standing at the bottom of The Hill to get video of the entrance, I get up to the press box to find the site is down.


The IT team will hopefully have the site back up soon, and I’m going to keep a play-by-play on Word to copy and paste later. By the time I got to the press box from The Hill, Cain had already scored a touchdown! That’s the 3rd or 4th time that’s happened this season. Let’s just hope they continue and don’t go through another long scoring lull like they have in other games.

D did a great job getting a couple three-and-outs to start the game, and Kendall Joseph already forced a fumble recovered by Van Smith, but Etienne’s fumble on his first carry gave Tech the ball back, and a long run right up the middle gave them the ball inside the 10. It was the longest run allowed by the Tigers all season by 20 yards. Great job by the D to force the field goal though!



Milan Richard!!! First TD of his career! TIGERS LEAD 14-3 IN 1ST.


Great TFL by Dorian O’Daniel. He is probably the biggest bee killer on the team. Too athletic for that offense. Tigers force another punt.


Nice long run by Choice! 3RD and 9 now at the Tech 45.


Incomplete over Ray-Ray’s head. Tigers forced to punt.


Rain has been steady and heavy since well before kickoff! Probably worse than the Notre game so far. The players are sliding 10 to 20 feet after tackles. Ball security has already been a major issue and will continue to be.


Tigers have done a good job getting ahead early. That’s the key to beating Tech. Don’t let them dominate the clock. Make them play from behind and take them out of their comfort zone.


Tech ball at their own 16 after the punt by Spiers.


Big 3RD and 4 from Tech 21.


D-Line stuffs em! Tech will punt after the 3-and-out. Tech QB Marshall got hurt on that 3rd down. His leg got caught beneath him on the tackle. We’ll see if he comes back out.


Nice first down run by Kelly, followed by a long completion to Overton! Kelly looks good. Definitely much better shape than the beginning of the Cuse game. Knock on wood!


TD ETIENNE!!! 10 plays, 71 yards. TIGERS LEAD 21-3 with about 5 mins left in the half.


By the way, Tanner Muse is wearing a huge club on his left arm. Will find out about that after the game.


D gets another stop! First down Tigers from their 36 with 3 mins left in the half.


Tigers get the ball first to start the 2nd half! They lead 21-3.


Tigers put a nice drive together to open the 2nd half but settle for a 29-yard field goal. Nice to get Spence an easy one though. Have to get him some confidence!




The Power Rangers were just doing some kind of dance at the line of scrimmage before the snap! Lol the crowd loved it.


Another stop by the D after a sack by O’Daniel!


Cain almost hauls in a long pass at the 5 yard line, but they made a bad offensive PI call on him anyway. Shouldn’t have been a flag. A little underthrown by KB but not by much and he gave Cain a chance to make the play.

Another 3-and-out for the D! Tigers have 10 TFL’s by 8 different players already. TIGERS LEAD 24-3 WITH 3 MINS LEFT IN 3RD.

Etienne with back-to-back first down runs! Ball at the Clemson 48.



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Hunter Johnson came in for the last drive of the game. I would think that signals that there has been a change at the #2 spot. Will ask Dabo about it after the game.

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Tigers run out the clock! Dominating win.

TIGERS WIN 24-10.