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TIGERS WIN 44-16!!! What a blowout win over the mighty Tide! Probably less than 5% of the national media was picking the Tigers to win. 

Dabo evens the score with Nick Saban 2-2, and more importantly takes 2 out of 3 from him in National Championship Games! And in actuality, the Dabo should be 3-0 against Saban in National Championship Games. Still, Saban is now 6-2 all-time in National Championship Games with both losses coming to Dabo and the Tigers. What a time to be a Tiger! Dabo said after the game he can't wait to turn around and do it again next year.

Clemson is the first program since Penn State in 1897 to go 15-0! Renfrow, Wilkins, Ferrell, Hyatt, Joseph, Huegel, Bryant and the rest of the seniors go out on top, tying the Alabama seniors with an all-time best 55-4 record. Wilkins had tears in his eyes on stage during the trophy celebration. What a moment for him and the other seniors who decided to forego the NFL and come back this season!

I'll have the post-game PC with Dabo, Offensive MVP Trevor Lawrence and Defensive MVP Trayvon Mullen posted in a bit along with coach and player interviews. Stay tuned!

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DABO: Man, just an amazing night. I'm just so thankful to have an opportunity to be a part of it. As I said out there, it's just the grace of God to have the opportunity to experience something like this once in a lifetime, and to have a chance now to do it two times in the past three years is just amazing. Just amazing. I'm so proud of our team. This team was special from day one. Our leadership, our focus, our commitment, but I'm so happy for all these guys, our staff, our fans, our administration, our former players. Congratulations to Alabama, unbelievable season and champion that they've been.

But our guys, they had a clear vision of the way we wanted this to go tonight. I think we were able to achieve that. We took care of the ball. We attacked, made big plays. Defensively we bent a little bit but we didn't break, had some critical stops, made some plays on special teams, and it was just a complete performance all the way through.

I mean, our guys had the eye of the tiger, but I'm so proud, and then for our seniors to be able to go out 15-0 and truly be the best ever – there was a lot of talk about best ever all year long. We were never in that conversation. But tonight, there's no doubt. First 15-0 team, to beat Notre Dame and to beat Alabama to do it, this team won 13 games by 20 points or more and led by an unbelievable group of seniors, amazing group. I'm just thankful to be a part of it.

It's just an amazing moment. Having done this before, as I just told these guys, you enjoy this moment, and we're certainly going to enjoy it, but at the end of the day, it's more an appreciation for the journey we went through to get here, the grind, the struggles, and then what you remember most and appreciate most is the relationships that you have in place.

An amazing moment. So thankful, and can't wait to get back started Friday and see if we can find a way to go do it again.

Trevor, early on in the game, it looked like you were a little up and down, and I'm wondering were there any nerves? Did you figure some things out on the defense? What allowed you to settle into more of a rhythm as the game went on?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: It might have looked that way, but I didn't really feel up and down. I feel like we had a good plan and we knew what we were doing, and obviously every game there's some adjustments, especially they come out doing some stuff a little different than you might think they will, and they have great coaches, too, and they prepped for us, and they did a great job. But yeah, we had to make some adjustments, but really just proud of how we handled everything and really thankful for my O-line, no sacks tonight, and they did an unbelievable job.

Trevor, at one point you were 8 for 10 for 240 yards on third down alone. How would you describe how that felt, not only making the reads and the plays that you were making but on the other end seeing some phenomenal catches by your receivers tonight?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: Yeah, I mean, the games like this you've got to make big plays, and the guys that we have, they definitely did that. You just give them a chance, and they'll come down with it. Like I said about the O-line, same thing about the receivers and running backs and everyone else. Just amazing players and really just so proud of – it took a lot to get here, but really just proud of those guys.

How much can you really enjoy it now, you're the first true freshman to lead your team to a National Championship, offensive player of the game. What does it mean to enjoy it now?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: That doesn't mean as much as being able to be a part of this team. Really it's true, even if we didn't go all this way and win a National Championship, this has been a team that I'll never forget for one, and it's just been amazing, the focus and how driven this team is has been unbelievable. Just these seniors, just taking me in, and they kind of dragged me along until I got my feet under me, and they just – they're awesome people as well as players.

Trevor, this week you said you watched the game last year and you dreamed about playing in it. I just want to know, did it live up to your expectations, or was it even better for you?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: Yeah, I mean, it was just surreal. So yeah, it was even better. It's always great just to get another game with this group of guys. Like I said, just been an amazing year. But yeah, it was amazing. Obviously our fans were awesome, traveled well. So thank you all for that. And then yeah, just an unbelievable experience.

Trayvon, do you feel like that was the best game that you played, and can you take us through the big interception and return you had and then the sack you had on the corner blitz, it looked like that was pretty well disguised?

TRAYVON MULLEN: I wouldn't say it was the best game I played, but I know I came to play. The whole defense came to play, the whole team, all three phases. Coach V, he's a terrific coach, he puts us in great position. Like Coach Swinney said, we started off a little bit slow, we bent a little bit but never broke. We just kept grinding, and on that play we were three deep call and I opened up and I read through Tua and I seen the ball and I went and grabbed it.

The corner blitz, it was like a cover two call, but the boundary corner, we blitzed on that specific call that Coach told us on the blitz through the B gap. When I seen a receiver motion, I knew it was my shot, and then I just went for it.

Trevor, Coach Swinney said that when he named you the starter, he wasn't thinking about the rest of the season, he was thinking about the Syracuse game, and it happened to be the next game. When Coach named you the starter, did you think it was a chance for one game, or did you see this as I'm taking this the rest of the way?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: I mean, I think some of that stuff came after, you know, but when it happened, I'm just like, okay, I've got to lock in this week, take it one week at a time. We had a conversation, but we knew – the situation was I got the opportunity to start that week, and that was really it. But I feel like just trying to take it one week at a time and really everyone on our team has done that, and that's why we've been so successful this year.

Coach, when did you realize No. 8 would be a difficult match-up for Alabama?

DABO: What did you say again? AJ Terrell?


DABO: Oh, that 8. I mean, the moment we recruited him, we knew he'd be a tough match-up not just for Alabama, for anybody we played. But what a night. I mean, he's just a guy that I thought early in the season – I mean, he was unbelievable in camp and the early part of the season, and then thought he hit a little bit of a wall because it's tough, man, I mean, it's just a different – when you go from being the most dominant guy on the field to now every day at practice is like the Super Bowl because you're going against some elite talent, and then he just kind of got his second wind, and these last five games probably, he has been unbelievable. The catches that you saw him make tonight, those are routine for him. I mean, it's just amazing. I told Trevor, I said, could you quit throwing crappy balls so he don't have to show off like that and make some of those crazy catches? But that's what he can do.

And for this kid from Alabama to have the opportunity to beat Alabama for the National Championship, I mean, listen, I know exactly how he feels for sure, and it was something we talked about in the recruiting process, and he wanted to be a part of this, and he wanted to come play with Trevor. He wanted to be a part of our tradition that we have at the receiver position, and you know, he didn't mind coming in and jumping in line behind T and kind of earning his way. He's a pretty good player as a freshman, and we got Trevor back again and Travis back. Like I said earlier, I can't wait until our team meeting on Friday, and that's going to be our first team meeting for the 2019 team. It's going to be a fun bunch.

Some people say, oh, well, everybody is like, well, you lose you get motivated. I get motivated by winning. I don't have to lose to get motivated. Man, I'm as motivated as I've ever been to get back to work with next year's team and kind of figure it out because it's going to be fun because we've got a lot of unbelievable seniors that are moving on but we've got some dynamic pieces like Justin Ross and that guy right here, that No. 16 coming back that are going to lead the way.

How familiar are you with Clelin's reference on the stage with the coach dancing and things like that, and what do you think he's going to bring to a team at the next level?

DABO: I have no idea what he said on the stage. You'll have to give me some – I have no idea what he said.

It was a Death Row Records reference.

DABO: Oh, okay, I don't know. I mean, if he goes pro, he's going to bring anything and everything. All these seniors, this is an amazing group of people. I told them in the locker room, I can't wait 20 years from now to get together and see what this group of young people do in life. They're going to dominate life. This is an amazing – we had 66 guys make a 3.0 or better. That was a school record, shattered the record. 

Everything they've done, they've like gone above and beyond. 55 wins. The record was 50. 56 was our record for 3.0s. We had 66. We had 26 graduates, the most of any bowl team. We won the AFCA academic award, we won the Campbell Trophy, and we won the National Championship on the field. And man, it's just been unbelievable. These are some of the most dynamic young people you're ever going to meet in the word, Clelin, Christian, Austin, Kendall, Mitch, Falci, Adam, Trevion, I mean, it just goes on and on and on, these seniors, and they are going to be amazing people in life. I can't wait to get together 20 years down the road and meet their kids and just hear all the great things that they're going to go on and do in life. And this was a great moment. This was just part of their journey. It's just part of their journey.

But their leadership is what – I told them, you've led us all year, got to lead us tonight. So I'm just super proud of them, and I know they're going to love and enjoy this but go on and do great things.

If someone had told you when you were a walk-on at Alabama that you would go back and beat that team twice for the national title, what would you have thought?

DABO: Why not, you know? Why not? That's what it takes. It takes belief. I think that we put limitations on our own self by how we think. I've always believed that way. Why not?

God is bigger than that stage out there, that's for sure. You know, I know 10 years ago not many people probably saw this coming, but we're here, and we did it. It's amazing. It's a blessing.

As I said, out there on the field, I said it two years ago and I'll say it again: This is really not anything that I've done. It's not anything that our players have done. I mean, it's – I think God has worked through us. Only God can do this. A Hollywood movie Steven Spielberg or whoever one of them producer people are, they couldn't write this script. They couldn't write this script. They really couldn't. Only God can do this. And I give him all the glory because I know where my strength comes from, and I know that it's only by his grace that I've been able to walk this walk, walk this journey. God has opened so many doors for me, closed doors, put people in my path. He's gifted me. Man, I'm just so thankful.

As a young boy growing up in Alabama, I've lived so many of my dreams, and I dreamed big. I mean, what else was I going to do?

If anything, I hope that a moment like this – because I know there's a single mom out there somewhere probably trying to figure out how she's going to make it. I know there's a kid probably like me that's got some bad circumstances and not sure what your future looks like. If anything else, man, that comes from this tonight, I hope that somebody like that can have some encouragement and some hope that, you know what, God has got a plan for me. And he can say, man, if that guy can go do it, you know what, why can't I. But you've got to be willing to put the work in, number one, and then if Clemson can do it, why can't we? We're just little ol' Clemson. We're not supposed to be here. We're not supposed to be the first 15-0 team in history. We're not supposed to be here, but we are. But we are. And beat Notre Dame and Alabama to do it. Only God can do that.

When you got this job on an interim basis and then you got the job permanently, Clemson was from the outside looking in a middle of the pack program, but you guys had a lot of talent on that team, but everybody wanted to say, oh, that's just Clemson Clemsoning. You guys have shed that notion now winning two championships in the last three years. How surreal is it to see your program now, and you're already talking about Friday, looking forward to next season, four days after winning a National Championship. Talk about how it is to have your program talked about with the Bamas, with the Notre Dames, with the Georgias?

DABO: Well, it's what we set out to do. In fact, at my very first board meeting, I've said this many times, I don't know any of these people and they've all got suits on and it was very stuff if I, and I was like, this ain't going to go well. One of the guys said, we just want to be a program like Michigan and Florida and Georgia and a team that's really good academically, and I'm sitting there talking to myself saying, keep your mouth shut, just shut up, get out of here and move on. But Alabama wouldn't allow that, so I kind of cut the guy off, and I just said, you know, I don't mean this disrespectful, but that's not my goal. My vision for Clemson is for all these other schools to want to be like Clemson. I want to build a model program, and I want to do it in a way that loves our players, serves our players, equips our players. I want to have some fun doing it, and if it don't work, hey, I can go do something else.

And that's what we've done, and we've been intentional with that. So 10 years later, our core values are exactly the same as they were back in '09. And it's been – you know, it's been a process of building it, and you're right, we were a definite middle of the pack program. We hadn't won 10 games since '90 or '91 when I got the job. And now eight years in a row. That was something I told the team, why would you have any doubt, like why would you have any doubt. If you just pay attention – I mean, we won our first division in '09. Everything we've done once, we've done again. We won our first division, we've won it seven times. We won our first league championship in '11, we've won it five times. We had our first 10-win season in '11, we've had eight. We had our first top-10 recruiting class, we've had seven of them, but we haven't ever had the top recruiting class. Probably never will. But we've done okay. We got our first BCS bowl, now we've been to several of them. The only thing we hadn't done twice was win it all. I told the team, we're going to do it again, it's just a matter of which team makes the decision, because I think it's a decision. I think it's a decision.

You have to make a decision on what you're going to do with your commitment and so forth. So I'm just thankful that we've been able to do it and we've been able to build a program of consistency. Our goal is not to win a National Championship. People don't believe that. Our goal is to win the closer right there. The National Championship is just a byproduct of that. It's never been my goal. I don't measure teams by that, and I know we've got some rabid people that that drives them crazy, but I measure our team based on did we get better, did we reach our potential. Not every team is good enough to win the National Championship. That's okay. That's okay. What was our commitment? How did we prepare?

So we've built a program of consistency on and off the field. Eight out of my ten years we've been top 10 academically. I've had 208 seniors, 204 graduates, 15 juniors leave early, four of them have already come back to get their degree, and that's really what I want to be measured by. Not National Championships. Hey, that's great, that's all part of it, but how do my three sons turn out in life and how do all of these players that God has gifted me with to be in their lives, how did they turn out in life, what did they do 10 years from now, five years, 15 years, whatever it is. That's really what I'm going to be measured by. If we can win some National Championships along the way, then that's a blessing.

But that's not our goal. That's not our goal. Our goal is to have a program of consistency and a program that graduates its players and to do it in a way that loves them and equips them with the tools that they're going to need to go out and dominate outside the lines, not just inside the lines.

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There are few coaches in any sport who show more joy than you do. How do you describe the joy of the moment? 

DABO: Well, that's been my word all year. I've tried to be intentional with that. For me personally, joy comes from focusing on Jesus other than yourself, and I mean, very few people – there's so many great coaches that are so serving of a moment like this and never get the chance to experience it, and to get to do it once and now to get to do it again, it's just a blessing, and it's just simply the grace of the good Lord to allow us to experience something like this. I'm so happy for our team, our fans, our administration, our former players. You know, I know we're not supposed to be here, and I'm not supposed to be here, but we are, and I am, and how about them Tigers, man? I'm so proud of our guys. These seniors, we beat Notre Dame and Alabama, we left no doubt, and we walk off this field tonight as the first 15-0 team in college football history. All the credit, all the glory goes to the good Lord, number one, and number two, to these young people. When you get a young group of people that believe, are passionate, they love each other, they sacrifice, they're committed to a purpose, you'd better look out, great things can happen, and that's what you saw tonight.

After four games you made a decision. You chose Trevor Lawrence to become your quarterback. What did you see then that came true tonight? 

DABO: Well, that's been my word all year. I've tried to be intentional with that. For me personally, joy comes from focusing on Jesus other than yourself, and I mean, very few people – there's so many great coaches that are so serving of a moment like this and never get the chance to experience it, and to get to do it once and now to get to do it again, it's just a blessing, and it's just simply the grace of the good Lord to allow us to experience something like this. I'm so happy for our team, our fans, our administration, our former players. You know, I know we're not supposed to be here, and I'm not supposed to be here, but we are, and I am, and how about them Tigers, man? I'm so proud of our guys. These seniors, we beat Notre Dame and Alabama, we left no doubt, and we walk off this field tonight as the first 15-0 team in college football history. All the credit, all the glory goes to the good Lord, number one, and number two, to these young people. When you get a young group of people that believe, are passionate, they love each other, they sacrifice, they're committed to a purpose, you'd better look out, great things can happen, and that's what you saw tonight.

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SANTA CLARA, CA – The No. 2 Clemson football team defeated the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide in resounding fashion, 44-16, en route to winning the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday night at Levi’s Stadium. With the win, Clemson finished the season with a perfect 15-0 record, making the 2018-19 Tiger squad the first major college football team in the modern era to go 15-0, while Alabama ended the year at 14-1.

Trevor Lawrence completed 20 of 32 pass attempts for 347 yards and three touchdowns, and of the nine receivers he connected with, Justyn Ross was his favorite, as the wideout amassed 153 yards and a score on six catches. Travis Etienne also added a pair of touchdowns the ground and totaled 86 yards on 14 carries. The Tiger defense held the Tide offense, which had been averaging almost 48 points per game, to just 16 first-half points and was led by Trayvon Mullen, who had six solo tackles, including a sack, an interception and a forced fumble.

Clemson took an early lead when A.J. Terrell intercepted a Tua Tagovailoa pass and returned it 44 yards for a score, halting the Tide’s first drive of the game and giving the Tigers a 7-0 advantage just over two minutes into the matchup. While Alabama tied it up three plays later on a Jerry Jeudy 62-yard touchdown reception, Lawrence found Higgins in stride for a 62-yard reception of his own on the ensuing series, and Etienne sealed the drive with a 17-yard scoring run on the next snap. The remainder of the quarter saw Alabama score on a one-yard pass to Hale Hentges, but the extra point attempt bounced off the right upright to keep the Clemson lead intact at 14-13.

The Tide opened the second quarter with a 25-yard field goal to take their first and only lead of the game at 16-14, but that proved to be all the Alabama scoring that the Clemson defense allowed for rest of the first half, and ultimately, the game. On the offensive side of the ball for the Tigers, Etienne found the endzone twice before the half, once on a one-yard run and the other on a five-yard pass set up by a Trayvon Mullen 46-yard interception return, and Greg Huegel hit a 36-yard field goal to give Clemson a 31-16 lead at the break.

In the third quarter, the Clemson defense stuffed a fake field goal attempt and forced an Alabama turnover on downs. The Tiger offense, in turn, posted 13 points via a 74-yard scoring connection from Lawrence to Ross and a five-yard touchdown reception by Tee Higgins, with the latter being set up by a pair of acrobatic catches by Ross. 

A scoreless fourth quarter left the final score at 44-16.

Fans wishing to get official Clemson National Championship merchandise are encouraged to visit the Clemson Tigers Store.

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  • Clemson and Alabama met in a bowl game/national championship for the fourth consecutive year, the first such tetralogy in college football history.
  • Clemson and Alabama now have a combined 110-8 record since 2015. Excluding the four games the teams have contested against one another in that time frame, the Tigers and Tide are a combined 106-4 (96.4 percent) against all other competition over the last four seasons.
  • The game was a matchup of two winningest senior classes in major college football history, as Alabama and Clemson entered the contest with 55 and 54 wins over the last four years, respectively. The win by Clemson extended its ACC record for a senior class to 55 and tied Alabama’s seniors for the most in history.
  • Clemson tied a College Football Playoff National Championship record with two interceptions. Alabama entered the game with only two interceptions in 14 games this season.
  • Clemson recorded 90 return yards on interceptions, breaking a school bowl record previously set in the 2009 Gator Bowl against Nebraska (63).
  • During the contest, Clemson (664) became the second team in ACC history to score 650 points in a single season (Florida State, 723 in 2013).
  • Clemson scored 40 points in a ninth game this season to break a tie with the 2012 and 2013 Tigers (eight each) for the most 40-point games in a season in school history.
  • Clemson added to its existing school record by reaching 27 points in a 15th straight game.
  • Clemson earned its 13th win by 20 points or more, surpassing 2013 Florida State (12) for the most by any team in a single season since the turn of the century. It also extended Clemson’s school-record streak of consecutive 20-point wins to 10 games.
  • Clemson scored 31 points in the opening two quarters to set a school bowl record for points in a first half, surpassing the 27 first-half points scored by the Tigers in the 1986 Gator Bowl and 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl.
  • Clemson’s 31 first-half points represented the first time Alabama had allowed 31 points in a single half since the 2014 Sugar Bowl (Oklahoma, 31 first-half points in a 45-31 win).
  • Including the 482 yards gained against Alabama, Clemson (7,908) broke the school and ACC record of 7,718, set in 2015.
  • Clemson sealed the victory with a 14-play, 94-yard drive that lasted 10:02 to run out the clock. It was the first 10-minute drive in Clemson history, exceeding the previous longest drive in school history of 9:47 against Maryland on Sept. 10, 2005.
  • Clemson did not surrender a point in the second half and finished the game having scored 30 unanswered points.
  • Offensive MVP Trevor Lawrence completed 20 of 32 passing attempts for 347 yards and three touchdowns and was named the Offensive Player of the Game.
  • Lawrence entered the game having thrown a career-long 137 consecutive pass attempts without an interception, with his most recent interception coming on his final pass attempt at Boston College on Nov. 10. On his eighth attempt of the game, a 26-yard pass to Tavien Feaster, Lawrence broke Cullen Harper’s single-season school record of 143 consecutive interception-free attempts in 2007.
  • On a 62-yard pass to wide receiver Tee Higgins in the first quarter, Lawrence reached 3,000 passing yards on the season to record only the seventh individual 3,000-yard passing season in school history.
  • Lawrence became only the second true freshman to win a national championship as a starting quarterback, joining Oklahoma’s Jamelle Holieway (1985).
  • On his 28th touchdown pass of the year, Lawrence pushed past Cullen Harper for sixth-most touchdown passes in a season in school history (27 in 2007).
  • Lawrence’s second passing touchdown of the game was the 29th of his career, as he supplanted Mike Eppley (28 from 1980-84) for eighth in career passing touchdowns in school history.
  • Lawrence’s third passing touchdown of the game was his 30th of the season. His 2018 campaign represents only the sixth season of 30 or more passing touchdowns in school history, accomplished previously by Tajh Boyd (three times) and Deshaun Watson (twice).
  • Clemson reached the 4,000-yard passing mark as a team on the season, representing the program’s fifth 4,000-yard passing season in school history. The 2018 season joins the 2015 campaign as the only seasons in school history featuring 4,000 passing yards and 3,000 rushing yards.
  • Clemson opened the scoring on a 44-yard interception return by cornerback A.J. Terrell, his first career touchdown. Clemson improved to 39-0 when scoring first since 2015.
  • The 44-yard return for touchdown by Terrell set a College Football Playoff record for the longest interception return for touchdown in College Football Playoff history, breaking the 41-yard mark held by Ohio State’s Steve Miller from the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1, 2015.
  • In College Football Playoff National Championship history, Terrell’s interception return was the first interception return for touchdown, the longest defensive return, and the first non-offensive score to open a game.
  • The interception was Terrell’s career-high and team-leading third of the season.
  • Terrell was the 22nd different player to score a touchdown for Clemson this season, surpassing the 2013 Tigers (21) for the most in a single season in school history.
  • Running back Travis Etienne totaled three touchdowns, two rushing and one receiving, for the night. On the ground, he gained 86 yards on 14 carries.
  • Etienne added to his existing single-season school records, finishing the year with school marks in rushing yards (1,658), rushing touchdowns (24) and total touchdowns (26).
  • Etienne tied the Clemson bowl record for total touchdowns in a bowl game, matching the three touchdowns (all rushing) set by fullback Tracy Johnson against Penn State in the 1988 Citrus Bowl.
  • On his final score of the game, Etienne tied the ACC record for total touchdowns, set by Pitt’s James Conner (26, all rushing, in 2014). Etienne’s 24 rushing touchdowns this season ranked second behind Conner’s 2014 campaign.
  • Etienne scored on a 17-yard touchdown run in the first quarter and a one-yard touchdown run in the second quarter.
  • Etienne’s second rushing touchdown of the game was Clemson’s 49th rushing touchdown of the season, breaking the ACC record for rushing touchdowns in a single season, held previously by the 2012 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (48).
  • Etienne added his second receiving touchdown of the season on a five-yard reception in the second quarter.
  • Wide receiver Justyn Ross was Clemson’s leading receiver, amassing 153 yards with a touchdown over six receptions. He broke his own school freshman bowl record for receiving yards, exceeding his 148 yards in the Cotton Bowl against Notre Dame.
  • Ross became the first Clemson player with consecutive 100-yard receiving games since Mike Williams against Syracuse and Pitt in 2016.
  • Ross became the first Clemson freshman with back-to-back 100-yard receiving games since Artavis Scott vs. South Carolina and Oklahoma in 2014.
  • Ross recorded the longest reception in Clemson bowl history in the third quarter, scoring on a 74-yard pass fromLawrence to surpass a 68-yarder from Harvey White to Gary Barnes against TCU in the 1959 Bluebonnet Bowl.
  • The 74-yard reception was the longest of Ross’ career, surpassing his 59-yard touchdown catch against Louisville.
  • Wide receiver Tee Higgins caught a five-yard touchdown pass from Lawrence in the third quarter.
  • With his 12th receiving touchdown of the season, Higgins tied Sammy Watkins (12 in 2011 and 2013) for second on the school’s leaderboard for receiving touchdowns in a single season.
  • Higgins matched his career best by catching a touchdown in a fourth consecutive game, matching a streak he set earlier this season.
  • Running back Tavien Feaster recorded a season-long 26-yard reception in the second quarter.
  • Wide receiver Hunter Renfrow added to his school records for career starts by a wide receiver (47) and consecutive games with a reception (43).
  • Clemson did not allow a sack in the contest against an Alabama defense that ranked tied for fifth in the nation this season with 45.0 sacks.
  • Clemson recorded two sacks to push its single-season school record this year to 54..
  • Defensive end Clelin Ferrell made his 44th career start to break Levon Kirkland's school record for starts by a defensive end/outside linebacker (43 from 1988-91).
  • Cornerback Trayvon Mullen recorded his first interception of the season -- the fourth of his career -- in the second quarter en route to Defensive MVP honors.
  • The interception was Mullen’s first since Nov. 25, 2017, against South Carolina.
  • Mullen later added his second sack of the season in the second quarter, notching his first career forced fumble on the play.
  • Kicker Greg Huegel made his 48th career start at kicker to pass Aaron Welch for second-most career starts by a Clemson kicker all-time (52, Chandler Catanzaro).
  • With his first PAT, his 72nd of the season, Huegel broke his own single-season team record of 71 PATs from 2016. Huegel has accounted for three of the top five seasons in PATs in school history.
  • Defensive tackle Christian Wilkins and tight end Cannon Smith extended their existing school records by playing in their 59th career games.
  • Wilkins became the first winner of the William V. Campbell Trophy to play in the College Football Playoff National Championship and the first to win both in the same year. He joined Barrett Jones (2012 Alabama), Joaquin Gonzales (2001 Miami), Danny Wuerffel (1996 Florida) and Rob Zatechka (1994 Nebraska) as the only players to win the Campbell Trophy and a national championship in the same season.
  • Tackle Mitch Hyatt made his 57th career start, concluding his college career with five more starts than any player in Clemson history.
  • The game was Clemson’s third in the state of California all-time, joining a game at USC in 1966 and a road contest at Pacific in 1951.
  • Captains for the contest were running back Adam Choice, defensive end Clelin Ferrell, tackle Mitch Hyatt, linebackerKendall Joseph, wide receiver Hunter Renfrow and defensive tackle Christian Wilkins.


  • Clemson won its third football national championship in school history, joining the 1981 and 2016 squads. It marks the sixth national championship in any sport in Clemson history (1981 football, 1984 men’s soccer, 1987 men’s soccer, 2003 men’s golf, 2016 football, 2018 football).
  • Clemson joined Florida State (three) as the only schools to win three national titles as members of the ACC. Pitt (nine), Miami (five), Georgia Tech (four) have also won at least three national championships, but all of Pitt and Miami's titles predated the schools joining the ACC, as did three of Georgia Tech's four titles.
  • Clemson became the second team to win multiple national championships in the College Football Playoff era since 2014 (Alabama).
  • Clemson became the first major college football team in the modern era to go 15-0. No major college football team had won 15 games since the 19th century, when Penn posted a 15-0 mark in 1897.
  • The 2018 Tigers broke the school record of 14 wins, a mark previously shared with the 2015 and 2016 Tigers.
  • Clemson finished its sixth undefeated season (1900, 1906, 1948, 1950, 1981, 2018) and fourth perfect season (1900, 1948, 1981, 2018) in school history.
  • When the final AP poll is released, Clemson will become the first team since its own 2016 squad to finish the season as the AP No. 1 despite never appearing at No. 1 at any point of the season. The 2018 Tigers were the 20th team in AP Poll history to do so (2018 Clemson, 2016 Clemson, 2015 Alabama, 2014 Ohio State, 2011 Alabama, 2006 Florida, 2005 Texas, 2002 Ohio State, 1992 Alabama, 1989 Miami, 1987 Miami, 1986 Penn State, 1983 Miami, 1982 Penn State, 1977 Notre Dame, 1973 Notre Dame, 1970 Nebraska, 1965 Alabama, 1964 Alabama and 1946 Notre Dame).
  • By virtue of No. 2 Clemson beating No. 1 Alabama, lower-ranked seeds improved to 5-0 all-time in the College Football Playoff National Championship, including victories by No. 4 Ohio State (vs. No. 2 Oregon) in 2014, No. 2 Alabama (vs. No. 1 Clemson) in 2015, No. 2 Clemson (vs. No. 1 Alabama) in 2016 and No. 4 Alabama (vs. No. 3 Georgia) in 2017.
  • Clemson improved to 5-2 all-time in College Football Playoff contests and pushed its record in CFP National Championships to 2-1.
  • Clemson's seniors improved to 55-4 since 2015 to give the senior class a .932 career winning percentage, breaking the school record set by the 2017 seniors (.877, 50-7). The 2018 senior class became the first in school history to field a winning percentage of .900 or better.
  • Clemson won its 15th straight game, tying a 15-game streak from 1947-49 for the second-longest winning streak in program history. It is now the longest active FBS winning streak in the country.
  • Clemson earned its 103rd win of the decade. Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State are the only FBS schools to win 100 games in the 2010s.
  • Clemson improved its all-time bowl record to 24-20 and its all-time postseason record, including conference championship games, to 29-21.
  • The additional bowl win gave the Tigers victories in eight of their last 10 bowl games since the 2012 season. One of the two losses came during the 2015 season in a National Championship that was preceded by an Orange Bowl win, so Clemson has won a bowl game in eight of the last nine years.
  • Clemson improved to 2-5 all-time against AP No. 1-ranked teams, with both wins coming against Alabama in College Football Playoff National Championships.
  • Clemson improved to 18-2 against AP Top 25 teams since 2015. Clemson’s 18 wins against Top 25 teams are the second-most in the country in that span.
  • The 2018 season will mark Clemson’s eighth straight year meeting or exceeding its preseason rankings in the AP and USA Today polls. Clemson has now exceeded its preseason ranking each of the last eight years in the coaches poll and has exceeded its preseason ranking in the AP poll seven of the last eight (Clemson was picked No. 8 in the 2013 AP preseason poll in 2013 and finished No. 8).
  • Clemson evened its all-time record in the month of January at 11-11.
  • Clemson won its 30th consecutive outdoor game. Clemson is now 55-1 in its last 56 outdoor games dating back to the middle of the 2014 campaign.
  • Clemson became just third school to win a National Championship and the AFCA Academic Achievement Award in same year, joining 1988 Notre Dame and 2017 Alabama.
  • Head coach Dabo Swinney became only the second active FBS coach to win multiple national championships, joining Alabama's Nick Saban (six, including one at LSU).
  • Swinney improved to 14-6 in postseason play, including both conference championships and bowl games.
  • Swinney earned his ninth bowl victory all-time, extending his existing school record over Danny Ford (six). The ninth bowl victory pulled him within two of Bobby Bowden’s conference record (11).
  • Swinney’s earned his eighth bowl victory since 2012 against coaches with national championships to their credit at various NCAA levels (two each against Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops and Nick Saban, one each against Brian Kelly and Les Miles).
  • Swinney earned his 116th career victory to push his career record to 116-30. His 116th career win tied him with College Football Hall of Fame coaches Fritz Crisler and Mike Bellotti in coaching wins at the Division I level.