Highlights from heartbreaking loss at NC State

CUTrevor 2019-01-26 17:06:39

For those who missed it or any sadists out there...so painful! 

Made me look like an absolute genius, though. I wrote in my preview (READ HERE) that Reed would have to score 20 and Eli would need a big game for the Tigers to pull the upset. Eli had a big game, especially in the second half and finishing with 18, but Reed got stuck on 19 points and then missed 4 straight free throws. Lol the best free throw shooter in the ACC at 84%, and he misses all 4 when 2 of 4 would have won the game. Sometimes I wonder if I'm psychic. It wasn't just Reed, though. Mitchell and Trapp each went 1-2 at the line in the final minute, so the Tigers were 2-8 at the line in the last minute and lose on a buzzer-beater. In all fairness to Reed, he made some clutch shots down the stretch to put the Tigers in position to win, but he just couldn't make the all-important free throws that we've seen him make his entire career. State is a legit top-15 team, too--especially with their point guard back. 2 of their 4 losses came with him out, and he had an enormous game today in his return. They beat #7 Auburn this season, so this would have been a monumental road win and momentum builder for the Tigers. Pretty remarkable that they didn't make a single 3-pointer and still should have beaten a top-15 caliber team on the road.

They have lost last year in Raleigh by one and lose this time on a buzzer-beater. Otherwise the Tigers would have 5 straight wins over the Pack. The Tigers didn't make a single 3-pointer for the first time this season, State got a huge game from Markell Johnson, who had missed his last 3 games, and the Tigers STILL should have beaten the #21 team on the road. It's safe to say Clemson is the best 11-8 team in the nation. They fall to 1-5 in the ACC and have two home games they should win against Pitt and Wake, but this one will hurt for a while.