Monte Lee suspended for Saturday’s game, Weatherly & Jones 4 games each

CUTrevor 2019-05-03 16:32:01

This is all stemming from the fiasco I reported about on my Georgia Tech game thread on Sunday. The Tigers won the game, but all 3 Tigers were ejected from the game as well as the Tech head coach and pitcher. Apparently there was a lot of deliberately hitting batters at the end of the game. As I wrote on Sunday, I’ve never seen anything like it. Per NCAA rules, Monte will have to miss the next game and the pitchers will each serve a 4-game suspension. Fortunately, the Tigers have Gardner-Webb in the next two games and The Citadel next week, but this could hurt the bull pen in their Friday game at NC State next week.

CUTrevor 2019-05-03 16:32:45

CLEMSON, S.C. - Tiger Head Coach Monte Lee is suspended for one game and pitchers Holt Jones and Sam Weatherly are suspended for four games each due to events that occurred in Clemson's game at Georgia Tech on Sunday.

A warning was issued by an umpire to both teams in the fifth inning. Weatherly and Jones, who both entered the game after the seventh inning, were ejected in the eighth and ninth innings, respectively. Lee was automatically ejected as a result of the latter ejection.

NCAA rules state that when a pitcher is ejected, that pitcher must serve a four-game suspension. Also due to NCAA rules, Lee is suspended for one game.