CUTrevor 2019-06-01 10:21:02

Biggest upset from yesterday was probably Defending Champ Oregon State losing at home. They will play Creighton frome Omaha today in an elimination gane. Another big upset was 3 seed Duke hammering 2 seed Texas A&M, which barely missed a host site. That was in the West Virginia Regional.

In the ECU Regional, 2 seed NC State was down 5-4 in the 9th against 3 seed Campbell, but the game was postponed for lightning.

The National Champ from 2 years ago, 3 seed Florida, lost to Dallas Baptist and will play an elimination game against Army today in the Lubbock Regional.

There are some interesting matchups today aside from our game against Ole Miss, which is at 7:00 on ESPNU. Keep an eye on FSU vs UGA in the Athens Regional at 7:00 on ESPN2. Another good one is Auburn vs GT right down the road in the Atlanta Regional. That’s at 7:00 on the SEC Network. It used to be a big football rivalry because the two schools are just a couple hours apart.

CUTrevor 2019-06-01 21:54:57

Holy cow Auburn was down 5-2 and down to its final strike in the 9th, hits a 3-run HR on an 0-2 pitch to walk-off and beat the home team GT! Tech had led the entire game until the final pitch. They left the starter in after he went over 100 pitches in the 9th with 2 base runners, and it cost them. Wow!