CUTrevor 2019-08-08 09:51:26

The Tigers are in full pads this morning, and I’ll have interviews with Dabo at about 12:30 with practice photos later today. Stay tuned!

No players today, guys, just Dabo. Derion Kendrick was in yellow this morning, and Dabo said that he tweaked his hamstring but is fine. Tee Higgins was in green, meaning no contact, but nothing to worry about there either. I asked Dabo about freshman running backs Chez Mellusi and Michel Dukes--particularly how good their hands are, catching the ball out of the backfield--and Dabo said they both had excellent hands and were natural catchers of the ball. In fact, he said Chez made a great fingertip catch this morning, just off the ground. The Tigers have had great success with freshman backs over the past 3 seasons with Dixon, Etienne and Feaster, and at least one of these two freshmen should get significant playing time as a potential third-stringer.  

I'll have photos from this morning's practice posted in a bit. We'll have more interviews tomorrow and after the stadium scrimmage on Saturday. Stay tuned!