Deshaun Watson named college football player of the decade

CUTrevor 2019-08-25 14:22:13

So this has been circulating around the last couple of days. Some guy who lives in Atlanta tweeted a photo of an all-decade team (above) that he purported to be from the College Football Hall of Fame. A couple of sites like Tigernet and 247 jumped on it and reported it as fact. I have my doubts because I can't find any release on it anywhere on the College Football Hall of Fame website, the National Football Foundation site or any credible source. In fact, Saturdays Down South, and SEC fan site, just embedded this guy's tweet in its story. I am efforting a confirmation, but I find it strange that the Hall of Fame would put up a list like that (a full season before the decade is over) without any kind of press release whatsoever. I am a member of the National Football Foundation and vote for Hall of Fame inductees, so I regularly receive e-mails regarding the Hall of Fame, and I never received anything about this so-called all-decade team.

If it's legitimate, it's pretty cool that DW was named player of the decade--more confirmation that he was robbed of at least one and probably two Heisman Trophies. Also, Clemson was listed as the No.3 team of the decade behind Alabama and Ohio State, which I find odd since the Tigers were 2-0 against Ohio State in New Year's bowls during the decade, including the 31-0 CFP blowout, Urban Meyer's only career shutout. Plus, Ohio State won just one national title during the decade and made the playoff twice compared to four times by the Tigers.

CUTrevor 2019-09-05 09:49:02

I received confirmation from the Hall of Fame that this os legitimate. For some reason there was no press release, which is why I couldn’t find anything except for that random guy’s tweet. A couple outlets like Tigernet ran with it, but I didn’t want to report it until I was sure it wasn’t fake news.