CUTrevor 2019-09-01 15:25:25

We'll get Dabo at 6:00 for our usual Sunday evening teleconference, and I'll have the audio posted for you soon after. Stay tuned!

Interestingly, Dabo was asked if Amari could play on Saturday, and Dabo left the possibility open. I asked him the same question a week before the opener, and Dabo told me there was no way Amari would play against Texas A&M, saying he should be back by the end of September or early October. We'll see what happens, but Amari was active all through camp and looks ready to go. Personally, my hunch is Amari will suit up, but he won't enter the game unless it's tight in the second half or DK muffs a punt. Amari had the first big play for the Tigers in the A&M game last year.