AP and Coaches' Polls released

CUTrevor 2019-09-09 11:21:19

Same at the top, as expected. A&M dropped just 4 spots. LSU jumped over Ohio State to No.5. Maryland and USC jumped into the top 25. A little surprised that Maryland jumped all the way to No.21 in the AP. That might be a little reactionary even though they did hammer a ranked Syracuse team. I still want to see how good their defense is. We know Locksley can coach offense. USC beat a ranked Stanford team easily at home on Saturday, but Stanford was also playing with a backup quarterback. SC will lose to Utah next week and drop back out of the rankings for good.

CUTrevor 2019-09-16 13:01:25

No huge changes in the polls this week. Maryland dropped back out after their brief appearance last week. I said I didn't think they should jump all the way to No.21 because of the one blowout win over Syracuse, and I was right. They turn around and lose 20-15 at Temple, which has a new head coach. UVA jumped from No.25 to No.21 after beating FSU on Saturday. Michigan was off this week, and Utah jumped over them to the 10 spot. UCF jumped a few spots over Texas A&M, which dropped to No.17. Cal, Arizona State and TCU all moved into the rankings for the first time. Cal beat Washington on the road last week with that great secondary. Herm Edwards and ASU upset Sparty on the road Saturday.