ESPN ranks greatest football teams of all time

CUTrevor 2019-09-11 16:02:00

And it's kind of a joke. They have the 2018 Tigers ranked No.5! Only (real) team EVER to go 15-0 is No.5?! Only team EVER to go undefeated in both a regular season AND a playoff, routing the No.3 team and the No.1 ranked defending champ??! Sorry, but that's absurd. The Tigers won 13 of their unprecedented 15 wins by 20 points or more, including a 30-3 win over No.3 Notre Dame and 44-16 over No.1 Alabama--who everyone would have said was the best team ever if they won the game and went 15-0! And the only 2 games the Tigers didn't blow out were because of the starting quarterback getting knocked out of the first half and a night road game second week of the season in front of 100,000 against a top-15 team while they were still figuring out the quarterback situation. And they still had chances to blow that game open! Show me ONE other team in history that routed the No.3 and No.1 ranked teams en route to a perfect record. It has never been done. Whoever came up with this list has a screw loose somewhere or a total absence of logic. You could say Alabama is the No.5 program of all time, and it would be less preposterous than this list.