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We just started Dabo's PC. I'll have video in a bit! I asked him about Denzel Johnson's status and whether Xavier Thomas would play this week. He said Denzel is day-to-day with a bruised shoulder, and XT is still day-to-day as well. He's still in the concussion protocol, and Dabo said he just leaves all of that to Danny Poole to tell him when XT can practice, and he has to practice in order to play per Dabo's policy.


It is going to be an awesome week. This is always an unbelievable week, our Military Appreciation [Game]. I obviously don’t get to see everybody, but I can’t imagine anybody does it better than Clemson, especially with our history and tradition and Memorial Stadium. It’s going to be awesome. I know we have got a General coming in to speak to the team on Thursday, so I look forward to that. Just always a great week.
Hard to believe we have only got two home games left. Special opportunities, and this is going to be another one this weekend. [I] appreciate our crowd last week. I thought it was amazing, especially with the prediction of the rain. [Director of Sports Medicine] Danny Poole kept telling me it was an 80 percent chance, and I said, ‘Well, that's a 20 percent chance it ain’t gonna rain.’ Nobody ever talks about that and that counts too. It ended up being a beautiful night in the Valley, and hopefully this will be another great weekend this weekend.
Look forward to playing Wofford. Wofford is obviously a local school here. It’ll be a fun day. I’m sure they’ll bring a lot of fans as well and be a fun day. We’ve played one of these games every year, in-state, I think it’s been really good for our state. It’s an opportunity for both teams, so we’re excited about it.
Looking at Wofford, not real excited about having to stop them. They do a great job, incredibly well-coached. Everybody thinks of Wofford and they just think of the option, and they are an option football team, but they have a unique way of getting to it. They don’t just line up and run the triple option. They’re mostly in the shotgun and lots of different personnel groupings, lots of formations, lots of misdirection, they don’t always have a dive player, but somehow or another you get a little bit lulled to sleep because sometimes they look like a spread team, but yet they get to their option principles with the jets. Everything goes through those big backs —No. 21 and No. 11 — and the quarterback. So basically they’re a three-back offense all the time.
They’ll get in multiple personnel groups, whether it be 20 or 12 or 11 [personnel] or whatever. They just know what they’re doing and force you to be really disciplined and you can’t try to do too much. They don’t throw the ball a lot, but they can get some guys open on you in a heartbeat. But they force a lot of space plays, and they have got some good guys that can make you miss in space. Both these backs are really good players. That little No. 3 they’ve got, he’s tiny, but fast and quick. Finding him isn’t always the easiest thing. He’s also their punt returner, averages 24 yards a punt return, so just a really dangerous guy.
So I’m just looking forward to it, and defensively same thing. You look at them statistically, I think there is 125 FCS schools, so I always kind of like to see where they rank up nationally against their peers. They’re 16th in scoring offense, they’re 24th in scoring defense, they’re the No. 2 rushing offense in the country, they’re the 13th rushing defense in the country and they’re 11th in total offense and 11th in total defense. This is a really good FCS team that I know will be pumped up and excited to play Clemson.
For us, it’s really just about playing well and continuing to build the momentum that we’ve had. I think after eight games we really have had an excellent season, and we have really played some good football all year long. To be 8-0 at this point is where we wanted to go. We’re kind of clicking into November now and that is what we call our “Championship Phase,” an opportunity to compete for our division. Obviously we’ll have a state championship, and if you can win your division you get a chance to play for the ACC. That’s really what we focus on and whatever comes from postseason, comes.
It’s an exciting time. I’m proud of our team, I really am. Defensively, this is the best we have been in a long time after eight games, not giving up many points, playing with great discipline, playing with a lot of effort. We have developed depth on this football team. We’ve developed good chemistry on this team. The leadership has been outstanding.
Offensively, we’ve never had a team — never had an offense — that’s averaged 250-plus rushing and passing ever. Never. I think us and Oklahoma are the only two offenses that are doing that. And, again, you have got a lot of these games where these fourth quarters have gotten away and we could easily skew the stats, even more so than what they are, but we play a lot of guys. That’s a part of developing our team. I’m just super proud of our staff and these players and what they have been able to accomplish to this point because it’s really hard to win football games and to be able to do what we have done on both sides of the ball.
We’re in a good place as we head into November, but, man, everybody has got to be a little better, just a little bit better from everybody — us as coaches, every support person — because, man, the air gets a little colder, gets a little thinner the higher you climb. Competition is tough, and guys get banged up, and you have got to have the guts to press forward. I’m excited about seeing this team just continue to work.
We had a really good practice yesterday, and I know this is a team that doesn't necessarily match up well with us on paper, but as I always say, we don't play the game on paper. You play the games. There’s plenty of history of FCS teams beating FBS teams. We just want to continue developing our team and playing well, and that’s our objective for this week.” 
On his memories of the 2011 game against Wofford:
“Getting booed coming off at halftime. I don’t remember what it was, maybe 10-10 or 10-7 or something? Maybe we were up by a field goal or something, but getting booed. Everyone telling Coach [Chad] Morris to go back to high school. I heard that a few times, “That’s why you shouldn't hire a high school coach.” Heard that a couple times. That’s probably what I remember more than anything.
Oh, I take that back, I remember them having the most open guy in college football history. That big tall kid, that white kid that caught the ball, I mean he was so wide open. He literally backpedaled to catch it, then backpedaled to the end zone for 50 yards he was so wide open. I do remember that. Probably should have gotten an ESPY that year for most wide open wideout. They were tough, man. That was a tough day. And they had a big ol’ running back. I can't remember that kids name, but he was a great player. He was a sledgehammer fullback, running back guy. But we won, I remember that more than anything. We won. Played a little better in the second half. Tajh Boyd, we were trying to figure out who kidnapped our quarterback. Chad was about to go crazy in the locker room, ‘I don’t know what happened! I don’t know! Quarterback just… I don’t know!’ He was just going crazy in there. But Tajh settled in and we got it going there in the second half.
They played us tough. That’s the way it is. Alabama and The Citadel last year, right? What were they, 10-10, 14-all [at halftime]? These games ain’t easy. Everybody thinks you just roll out there and win. You’ve got to play well, especially when you’re playing these teams that their scheme kind of neutralizes you a little bit and is advantageous in games like this. It’ll be a good challenge, and, again, for us, we just want to go out and play clean football and continue to build momentum.”

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That's all the interviews for today, guys. I'll have more in a bit!