FSU fires Willie Taggart

CUTrevor 2019-11-03 15:35:21

Lol you will recall I said on day one that Taggart was a terrible hire and that it was a great day for Clemson because it would set FSU back years. Every single person on ESPN said Taggart was a home run hire, great hire for the Noles. Lol of course, these are also the same people saying Clemson is the No.4 team in the country right now. Not too bright.

Anyway, FSU lost at home to Miami 27-10, making their record 4-5, and apparently that was the final straw. They also lost at Wake last week after Taggart iced his own kicker. The Noles will lost to Florida, so if they lose at BC next week, they will miss a bowl for the second straight year after an all-time record 36 straight bowl games.

Kirk Herbstreit laid into FSU, calling them a "terrible team" and saying all they want to do is talk trash and fight. Watch below at the 6 minute mark. They went on to talk about Clemson, saying the Tigers would beat an all-star team from all the rest of the ACC. Kirk said a game between the Tigers' first and second teams would be more competitive than Clemson versus the ACC all-stars. Lol