JT Daniels transfers from USC to UGA

CUTrevor 2020-05-28 22:41:37

Great get for UGA. He will sit out next year while Jamie Newman, the talented grad transfer from Wake, starts in 2020. Gonna make for a very interesting opener between Clemson and UGA in Charlotte in 2021! Daniels making his first start for UGA, and DJ making his first start for the Tigers. For those who don't know, Daniels is very talented but missed most of last season with an injury. The freshman backup Slovis came in and had a great season, and now Daniels probably feels he'd rather go to UGA where he will almost certainly start in 2021 and compete for a national title than stay at SC, where he would have to win his job back, and they'll barely be a top-25 team. Most people think Head Coach Clay Helton's days are numbered too.