CUTrevor 2020-06-01 17:31:11

Out of the blue, Dabo decided to speak with the media via Zoom a few hours ago to address the Floyd riots and Justyn Ross's upcoming surgery. I missed the call because they only e-mailed us about the interview a couple hours beforehand, but I’ll have the full audio for you shortly!

Ross will have surgery on Friday in Pittsburgh, performed by the renowned neurosurgeon of the Steelers. Ironically, Ross feels fine and could play football right now, but they discovered a rare birth defect that puts him at risk to play football unless they perform the surgery. Dabo announced that Ross will miss the 2020 season, and then, obviously, he'll have the decision whether to try to go straight to the NFL or play at Clemson as a redshirt junior in 2021. 

Pretty crazy coincidence with another NFL first-round WR, Mike Williams, missing the 2015 season after running into the goal post in the opener and injuring his neck. Then Richard Yeargin injured his neck in a car accident, causing him to retire before later playing one more season at Boston College. Bizarre!

The team will begin voluntary workouts on June 8.