BREAKING: Big Ten to play conference-only football schedule

CUTrevor 2020-07-09 16:15:02

Wow! That’s a lucky break for Ohio State, which was supposed to play at Oregon in September. Stinks for Miami and the ACC, who would have gotten a nice win at Sparty in late September. Also, VT would have hosted Penn State, and that could have been another big win for the ACC.

The Big Ten will play 10 conference games, which means we’ll get several extra B1G vs. B1G matchups instead of FCS games, so there’s a small silver lining, but I would have liked to see those non-conference Power 5 matchups!

I wonder if this will lead to an expanded playoff! There’s no way they can only have 4 teams when you have 4 or more power 5 teams with same record going for 2 spots. If so, it will be chaos in December, and the Tigers better not lose a game.

I really hope the neither the ACC nor SEC will follow suit because that would mean no Palmetto Bowl! Clemson vs. SCAR would no longer be the second-longest uninterrupted rivalry ever. They have played every year since 1909! The series was interrupted after the 1902 game because of riots between the two fan bases, making Minnesota vs. Wisconsin the longest uninterrupted rivalry by 2 years. Incidentally, they are both in the Big Ten, so that series will not be disrupted by today’s decision.