Will Notre Dame finally join the ACC for football?

CUTrevor 2020-07-11 03:51:56

It will be interesting to see how Notre Dame handles its schedule for 2020 with the Power Five conferences announcing one-by-one that they will only play conference games. The Big Ten and Pac-12 announcements have already cost Notre Dame games against Wisconsin, Stanford and USC. It's the first time since WWII that the Irish won't play the Trojans. They had met every year since 1926 except for '43-'45 because of the war. If the ACC makes the same decision, it would remove 5 more games from the Notre Dame schedule, including its biggest one of the season--a home game against Clemson--leaving Notre Dame with just 4 opponents. If I were John Swofford, who recently announced he will retire after this year, I would use this opportunity to force Notre Dame to finally join the ACC completely for football like it has for every other sport. It would be a great final achievement for Swofford, who navigated the ACC through a critical expansion from 9 schools to its current format with 14 schools plus Notre Dame for 5 annual football games and all other sports. If Notre Dame insists on remaining "independent" for football, and the ACC withdraws its 5 games for 2020, Notre Dame will take a major financial hit and preclude itself from any possibility of making the College Football Playoff.