What does conference-only play mean for the CFP?

CUTrevor 2020-07-11 04:08:10

For those who want an expanded 8-team playoff, conference-only play could be the catalyst for expansion. If all of the Power 5 conferences go to conference-only schedules, December will be absolute chaos for the CFP Selection Committee if they try to stick to a 4-team playoff. Even if it's just the Big Ten and Pac-12, the selection of 4 teams will be next to impossible because of asymmetrical criteria and too many teams with the same record. If there are 3 undefeated teams like last year, how in the world can the committee choose between 3-5 one-loss teams for one spot, especially when the conferences aren't playing each other? It would be a total crap shoot. An 8-team playoff would be the only logical and fair solution.

And if you're a Clemson fan, you probably don't want an expanded playoff. The Tigers have a total strangle hold on the ACC with no immediate end in sight and a virtually guaranteed spot in the 4-team playoff every year. An expanded playoff would only add another game the Tigers would have to win against a top-10 team away from home. On the other hand, Dabo and the Tigers have dominated top-10 opponents outside of Alabama, against whom they are 2-2. In fact, one could argue that had there been an 8-team playoff in 2017, it would have helped Clemson. Rather than face a well-rested Alabama defense with Kelly Bryant, the Tigers would have played the 8 seed and likely won handily. They would have then played a tired Bama team a week later--the one that gave up all those points to UGA--and would have had a much better chance at beating the Tide.

At any rate, this is sure to be the craziest college football season we have ever seen. I just hope preseason No.1 Clemson isn't deprived of another national title because of the pandemic! It figures that this would all go down at the height of the Dabo dynasty.