Will Muschamp fired after 2-5 start

CUTrevor 2020-11-15 23:03:56

I didn't think Tanner would pull the trigger until at least after a 2-8 or 3-7 finish this season, and I thought he might even give Muschamp a pass for this season because of COVID. His buyout drops by millions if they waited until after next season, but I guess the pressure was just too much after another loss at Ole Miss on Saturday night. It was actually a close, back and forth game until the 4th quarter, but the Gamecocks gave up a ridiculous number of points. The over/under was 70.5, and I knew that was way too low. Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo will serve as Interim Head Coach for the rest of the season, which is only 3 more games at most for them. Let the coaching search begin!