BREAKING: Tony Elliott has tested positive for COVID

CUTrevor 2020-12-30 14:23:42

Unbelievable! We just interviewed him yesterday, and he appeared fine. You’d think that the players and especially the coaches would have been wearing double masks for the last week with everything that’s at stake. Many players went home for Christmas, so who knows how many others have tested positive. We don’t know yet who else will be ruled out through contact tracing, and you’d have to think Etienne is at high risk to have caught it from Elliott. Even if all of the players are somehow cleared to play, this will have a big effect on play-calling in the Sugar Bowl. I presume Dabo or Streeter will take over play-calling duties. Perhaps Elliott will be able to communicate with the sideline during the game. Coaches with covid were not allowed to do that during the season, but I’m trying to find out if that will still be the case for the CFP. I’ll have much more info as it comes in!

CUTrevor 2020-12-30 14:59:41

I’ll say this: Trevor getting COVID was probably a huge blessing in disguise! We know he’ll be able to play now at the very least.