CLEMSON FOOTBALL 2021: Who will go and who will stay?

CUTrevor 2021-01-13 13:17:16

We've known all season that Trev, Trav and Amari would not return next season. Despite what you may have read on ESPN's Way Too Early Top 25, Baylon Spector told me over 2 weeks ago that he will return to Clemson next season. Fellow "Bruise Brother" James Skalski followed suit last week, and Derion Kendrick (also in contrast to what ESPN projected) will also return to Clemson. So the Tigers' entire top-10 defense could return next season if starting safety Nolan Turner decides to return, which I think he will. That's amazing!

Of course, backup DT's Jordan Williams and Nyles Pinckney have both entered the transfer portal in hopes of more playing time in their final season of eligibility. The former announced he will play for home state VA Tech. Cornell Powell announced a couple days ago that he will go pro, which is a little disappointing after he finally had that breakout season we've been waiting for. Would have been nice to get him back and see his draft stock increase, but he's ready to move on. Fortunately, Justyn Ross will likely be back, and hopefully Ladson and Ngata will be able to stay healthy next season. Combine them with EJ Williams, Baylon Spector and Ajou Ajou, and the Tigers should be back to the deep and talented receiver group we're used to.

Jackson Carman will be one to keep an eye on over the next week or two before the deadline to declare. My gut says he returns to Clemson, but we'll have to wait and see.

Be sure to keep it right here for daily updates on any more transfers or otherwise defections!