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Just wrapped up with Monte, Davis Sharpe and Kier Meredith. Monte told me back at the start of fall ball that 6'6 two-way freshman Caden Grice has as much raw power at the plate as anyone he's ever coached, which is quite a statement! So I asked him about how Grice did over the fall, and Monte said just the other day had two complete bombs. He's going to compete as a weekend starter on the mound, and when he's not pitching, he will split time at first base and DH, alternating with Sharpe, who also plays first. Monte said that he believes preseason All-American Davis Sharpe is the best two-way player in the country. Well, he might have the best freshman two-way player as well!

Monte delivered some bad news on the injury front, however. Starting catcher Adam Hackenberg has an arm injury and will miss at least the next few weeks, potentially missing the opener on Feb.19. They have capable backups in French and Ingle, but both are young and inexperienced. And Hack was one of the better hitters in the lineup last season. So hopefully he won't be out too long! Otherwise, the Tigers are in good shape from a health standpoint.

The full interviews are below!

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