The ACC, B1G and Pac-12 Alliance is now official

CUTrevor 2021-08-24 15:38:40

This appears to be a move by the 3 conferences to prevent radical conference realignment and stabilize the college football landscape after the SEC made a preemptive move to destabilize college football, forming the first "super conference."

Clemson AD Dan Radakovich will be among the group of AD's from the 3 conferences who will oversee the scheduling component of the alliance.

I'll have our press conference with the three commissioners posted in a bit!

ljg48 2021-08-24 17:35:46

The best thing about this alliance is that it exposes how stupid the sec schools are academically. All schools in the 3 alliance conferences are AAU members, unlike the sec. The average academic ranking of the ACC is the highest of all the conferences 55th. The sec has an average of like 163rd.

Screw you, greedy sec!