CUTrevor 2021-08-26 18:31:13

We just wrapped up with Dabo and also spoke to Eric Mac Lain and Kelsey Riggs, who were in Tiger Town for the ACC Network's Road Trip show. Dabo told me that there are a few freshman on the bubble who may or may not red shirt, but of course now they can play 4 games and still red shirt, so the staff doesn't have to make that decision right now like the old days. Will Shipley will obviously not red shirt, and I imagine Makuba will not either. I think Dacari Collins will likely play the whole season and possibly Beaux as well. The team is in good shape from an injury standpoint. Ngata is still out with the hamstring, and OL John Williams will require surgery and miss the whole season. Finally, Dabo said that Taisun is game ready and will be the backup ahead of Helms. From what I saw a few weeks ago, he was favoring his plant foot just a little, especially late in practice, but Dabo seems to be confident that he is ready.

The full interviews are below!