CUTrevor 2021-09-07 10:20:56

We just started Dabo's PC. He said that EJ Williams is going to try to play on Saturday without having surgery on his thumb. Lannden Zanders is out for the season, unfortunately, but they have good depth at safety. Tyler Davis, Nolan Turner and Mason Trotter should be back. Dabo told me that they will stick with Will Taylor on punt returns. Ross is ready if they need him, but it will likely only be Taylor on punts Saturday. If you recall, I was the one to first ask Dabo during camp whether they'd use Will Taylor on punts this season, and he said absolutely but that they would use Ross on punts as much as possible as well. The latter statement seems to have changed since then because they are pleased with what they have seen from Taylor. We also talked to CJ Spiller after Dabo because CJ is being inducted into the Ring of Honor on Saturday. I asked him about his late grandma being his biggest fan, and he got all choked up, which he rarely does. I was going to follow up by asking about his high school football coach dying of cancer a year ago and how much of an influence he was on CJ, but I could tell he was having a hard time keeping it together, so I let him get off the podium.

As for players, we got Will Shipley for the first time (great first interview), Andrew Booth, Joseph Ngata and freshman OL Marcus Tate, who got a baptism by fire with his first career start against Georgia, moving over to guard from tackle.

I'll have Dabo's PC, Spiller and player interviews posted in a bit!