Why is our oline so bad??

Rhodes 2021-09-07 22:59:29

They were the weakness last year and were terrible again on saturday. 2 rush yards and 7 sacks! Most ever under Dabo.

CUTrevor 2021-09-08 09:04:10

The offensive line isn't as bad as you think. Remember, that was an NFL defensive front they were going against, it was the first game and they had some new pieces. Bockhorst was playing center for the first time in a game, they were starting true freshman Marcus Tate at guard instead of tackle where he is used to and they moved Jordan McFadden from tackle to guard. Also, not all of the sacks were on them. Some of them were DJ holding onto the ball too long or not stepping up in the pocket. Or the receivers not getting open. Finally, regarding the 2 rush yards. The backs only combined for 7 carries! Elliott admitted later that he should have stayed with the running game longer. It's hard to establish the run--especially against a defense like that--with only 7 carries, especially when you are breaking in two brand new backs.

The bottom line is that the O-Line will be just fine in my opinion. It will be better than last year, and next season it will be truly great. Wait and see how the Tigers run the ball and light up the scoreboard from now on!