CUTrevor 2021-09-14 10:30:37

Dabo just told us that freshman OL Dietrick Pennington tore his ACL and will be out for the season. Dabo said that the 6'5, 335-pound freshman was well on his way to being a big contributor and providing depth for the OLine this season. He is the third OL the Tigers have lost this season. John Williams and Tayquon Johnson are also out.

Had a great interview with freshman QB/WR/PR Will Taylor, who Tony Elliott has nicknamed "Maverick" after Tom Cruise in the 80's classic Top Gun. I'm not sure if it's because of Will's confidence or his movie-star good looks. Lol Will said he has seen the movie and likes the nickname. I asked him about being drafted by the Rangers despite knowing that he would come to Clemson, working with CJ Spiller on punt returns and emulating Hunter Renfrow, who also made the transition from QB to WR and had a huge Monday Night Football game last night.

I'll have Dabo's PC and player interviews posted in a bit!