Polls drop Clemson again for winning with great defense

CUTrevor 2021-09-19 17:34:52

I stopped caring about the ridiculous polls since they unjustifiably wrecked the Tigers' top 5 streak after the Georgia loss, but if you want to see them, click on the links below. The Coaches' Poll dropped the Tigers to No.7, and the AP dropped them all the way to No.9. Lol I'm actually surprised the AP didn't deliberately break their top 10 streak as well, which is tied with Alabama for second-longest all-time! People are so obsessed with offense over the last few years that they have amnesia and have completely forgotten that it's perfectly fine to win with great defense like Bama used to. Fortunately, the Selection Committee is smarter than the pollsters, and the Tigers will make the playoff once again, even if they win every game with defense this season!