MONDAY EVENING DABO TELECONFERENCE (Taylor out for season w/ torn ACL)

CUTrevor 2021-10-04 17:28:00

We just wrapped up our Zoom call with Dabo, and as I feared, Will Taylor did indeed tear his ACL on Saturday night. A week after Bryan Bresee tore his! The Clemson sideline is starting to look like a MASH unit, so the bye could not have come at a better time. Taylor was valuable as a return man, and I think Dabo would have gradually used him more and more on offense. That 60-yard return he made against SC State was special. It's also bad news for Monte and the baseball team, as Taylor had a great shot at starting in outfield in the spring. The good news is that both Ross and Galloway (concussions) should be ready to go at Cuse on Friday the 15th, as will Putnam. Dabo was very please with how Rayburn played at center the other night, as well as the offensive line as a whole with Putnam out.

The full audio is below!