What a game by Renfrow last night!

CUTrevor 2021-10-05 17:32:32

In case you missed it, on Monday Night Football, Renfrow made an incredible form tackle on a fake punt by the Chargers in the first half. It was the stuff of legends! Like he was psychic and knew the fake was coming. All of you know how small Renfrow is, but I can tell you he looks even smaller in person. Lol a man on the street would never guess that he plays in the NFL, let alone that he's a star. But that's what he is. He also ran a tremendous ankle-breaking route and scored the Raiders' first touchdown last night. He's having a great season! The commentators last night were flabbergasted by Renfrow's tackle. It's too bad they weren't aware that he also made a game-saving tackle in the 2016 National Championship against Alabama! Everyone remembers his game-winning TD catch with one second left, but earlier in the game, he prevented Ryan Anderson's scoop-and-score. That saved 4 points, which was the difference in the final score!

Mike Williams would have had a TD last night too, but Herbert overthrew him when he was wide open running down the sideline. They mentioned all 5 Clemson players last night in the first half!