CUTrevor 2021-11-14 17:32:59

Just got off our Sunday evening Zoom call with Dabo, and he said Justyn Ross has been playing with a stress fracture in his foot all season long, ever since the Georgia game. That's interesting because I remember the dropped 30-yard pass that hit him in the chest at Syracuse, it looked like his foot got caught in the turf, and he kind of limped off the field but came back later. Dabo said they will evaluate him and the other banged-up players like Taisun, Sage and Jalyn Phillips tomorrow. Don't expect Ngata to be back for Wake, so if Ross can't play, that will leave the Tigers without their 3 top receivers in a crucial, must-win game against a high-powered offense! Putnam should definitely be back this week, though, so that will help the O-Line.

The full audio is below!