CUTrevor 2021-12-07 10:29:53

I was all set to fly out to Vegas and bring you coverage of CJ Spiller’s Hall of Fame induction today, but I came down with Covid late Sunday night. I was vaccinated back in May, but I think I must have caught it from my brother or his kids, who I was with at Thanksgiving. I’m ok, but I’m just upset about not being in Vegas! I was the only member of the SC media to cover Danny Ford’s induction in New York a few years ago.

I will provide as much coverage as I can remotely, including a link that you can use to watch the event live tonight. I also have a friend there who is going to try to record an interview with CJ for me. In the meantime, click the press conference link below and skip to the 16:38 mark to hear CJ's comments. More in a bit!