Tigers prominent in crazy last Sunday of NFL regular season

CUTrevor 2022-01-10 09:59:16

So Trevor Lawrence was 23-32 with 2 TD's in a stunning 26-11 upset of the Colts, which knocked them out of the playoffs and kept the Steelers' playoff hopes alive. Then Ray-Ray McCloud makes a huge catch on 4th and 8 in overtime that sets up the game-winning FG for the Steelers. I would say the Steelers owe Clemson big time! Lol although it appeared for a while that Hunter Renfrow and Mike Williams may have colluded to tie and keep the Steelers out of the playoffs. After the Colts' loss and the Steelers' win, the only thing that would keep the Steelers out of the playoffs would be a tie between the Raiders and Chargers last night. Renfrow had 2 TD catches and Mike Williams had one as well as a 2-point conversion catch that sent the game to overtime. Then he dropped the would-be game-winning TD catch in overtime, which set up a game-tying FG, and it looked at that point like the game would end in a tie! However, instead of letting the clock run out for the tie so that both teams would make the playoff and ouster the Steelers, the Raiders decided to kick a last-second FG in overtime to win the game. What a crazy way for maybe the craziest NFL regular season ever to end!  #WRU