Watson suspended for 6 games

CUTrevor 2022-08-01 14:38:12

In my opinion, he should have gotten no additional suspension due to time already served and lack of evidence, but 6 games is a heck of a lot better than another whole season! I think they could have been a Super Bowl contender if Watson played the whole season, but now it will depend on what their record is after 6 games and how long it takes him to get back into form. Baker Mayfield is now the Panthers' QB, and he will face his former Cleveland team in the opener.

CUTrevor 2022-08-03 15:33:49

Goodell and the NFL are appealing the ruling, seeking a longer suspension for Watson. However, that means Watson could start the opener against Baker Mayfield and the Panthers if the appeal is still pending. That would be a fun rematch of the 2015 Orange Bowl! In fact, Watson could play the entire season if the appeal takes that long. On the other hand, if the appeal is settled in the middle of the season, Watson could miss the end of the season and the playoffs.