You are welcome, uga!

Hill Billy 2018-01-08 21:06:50

Bama looks NOTHING like they did last week. No push or pass rush on DLine, stupid mistakes and penalties on both sides of the ball. They clearly used up all their juice on 5 weeks rest to beat us and now have nothing left on 7 days rest. Meanwhile, UGA was in a much less physical shootout with OU. Really sucks that we were #1 seed and drew Bama! We would have beaten ou or uga in my opinion. The Browns would have lost to the Bama team we played on 5 weeks rest!

whcg7799 2018-01-08 22:12:22

I agree. Uga isn't doing much better than we did against Bama defensively. We held Bama to 10 points until; late in the game, and we had I think 3 turnovers on offense. Bama should have 17 or at leaast 13 right now. They missed a wide open TD in the 1st quarter and then missed the FG after the made one was erased by a false start.

CUTrevor 2018-01-08 23:35:23

That Tua kid is good. Some of you may recall last April I said he may challenge Hurts for the starting spot after I saw Tua in their spring game. Hurts kept winning and only had one INT all season, so he held onto his spot, but you can see how much better Tua is in the passing game, and he's great at improvising. Reminds me a lot of Russell Wilson.

I agree with you, Billy, that this was not the same Bama team we saw last week. I think we'd have beaten them the way they played tonight.