CUTrevor 2022-12-05 10:00:53

DJ has not officially entered the portal yet, but we all knew after what happened Saturday night that he would leave, either for the portal or the NFL, probably the former. Personally, I think he will wait until after the bowl to announce his decision and make himself available to play in case Cade gets hurt. DJ is a class act and consummate teammate. It would surprise me if he just quit the team before the bowl.

As for other transfers, so far QB Billy Wiles, RB Kobe Pace, WR EJ Williams, DE Kevin Swint and CB Fred Davis have all entered. I predicted months ago that Pace and Williams would transfer. And Fred Davis has been in Dabo's dog house forever, and not just because of the reckless driving arrest and law suit. The only one that surprises me is Swint. He made the change from LB to DE and got a lot of playing time this season. He had a chance to compete for a starting spot with the guys that are leaving. Maybe his decision to leave is a hint that XT or Murphy is coming back. I hope so! By the way, the Tigers are down to just 3 quarterbacks for the bowl if DJ does decide to quit. I talked to a source close to Hunter Helms, and it sounds like he will hang around and see how things shake out. He loves Clemson through and through and will be very hard pressed to leave. So if DJ does leave before the bowl, which would surprise me, the Tigers would still have 2 capable backups in the two Hunters.

I'll continue to provide updates right here as they come in!

CUTrevor 2022-12-05 15:36:31

DJ has officially entered the portal.

CUTrevor 2022-12-06 03:20:24

LB LaVonta Bentley is the latest Tiger to enter the portal. He had 3 tackles-for-loss including a sack against Furman but those were his only TFL's of the season. He played just 5 snaps in the last 3 games, all against Miami in the blowout. He was decent against the run but poor in pass coverage.