CUTrevor 2022-12-07 12:36:12

They are having an unusual early press conference down in Miami today with Dabo and Josh Heupel. Dabo is a busy man this week between his recruiting travels the press conference in Miami today!

I'll post a link below to watch the press conference live at 4:00 and will have the video and transcript posted later as well!

Audio will begin when the press conference starts FYI. It will begin at 4:20.

CUTrevor 2022-12-07 15:56:56

Dabo just said that hey have the pick of uniforms, and they will wear white jerseys and orange britches, same as the UNC game. I texted him on Sunday and told him that they have not lost a game in that combo since the 2014 overtime game at FSU. And the last loss before that was the last-second field goal game at FSU. They wore the white and orange combo in both wins over Alabama, the Orange Bowl win over Ohio State, 2020 ACC Championship blowout over Notre Dame and several other big wins, including the 2003 Peach Bowl win over No.6 Tennessee. I wonder if my text influenced his decision not to go all orange! Lol