CUTrevor 2022-12-07 22:59:10

Good win against an NCAA caliber team! The Tigers actually led by 8 before a last-second 3 by Towson, but it was a close, hard-fought game throughout. Good to see the Tigers gut out a couple close ones at home in the last week after both their losses came on the final possession on the road.

Hall started his 3rd straight game and played 28 minutes, the most all season, scoring 22 points. It was his 3rd straight game over 20 points! He is not 100% from a health and conditioning standpoint yet, but he is getting there. He is still struggling on the defensive end and with his rebounding. Tyson added 20 points, and Hemenway scored 15, going all 40 minutes. The Tigers shot a whopping 61 percent from 3 (14-23)!

They are now 8-2 (1-0 ACC) and play another tough NCAA team in Loyola-Chicago next in Atlanta on Saturday.

Post-game interviews and highlights are below!