Murphy and Bresee both top-10 prospects on McShay's NFL Draft big board

CUTrevor 2022-12-09 15:40:45

He has Murphy No.5 overall and Bresee No.6. That's stunning considering the underwhelming season they both had. Murphy took a lot of snaps off and didn't have the production commensurate with his talent and preseason expectations. Bresee, obviously, had a traumatic season with the loss of his sister and the kidney infection, and never really seemed 100 percent. The preseason expectation was that they'd be top-10 draft prospects, but I'm surprised McShay still has them that high after their lack of production this season.

That begs the question whether either of them will opt out of the Orange Bowl. The Tigers didn't have a single player opt out of the Cheez-It Bowl last year, which was remarkable and unheard of for a bowl of that stature these days. The only 1st round prospect they had was Booth, and he surprised me by playing in the bowl.

In addition to those two, Simpson, Henry, Ngata, Tyler Davis and Davis Allen are all ranked in the top 100 draft prospects.