CUTrevor 2022-12-13 13:14:30

I predicted that Myles Murphy would probably be the only player to opt out, and Dabo just confirmed that is the case before today's practice. He is projected as high as No.6 overall in the draft by Todd McShay, but I don't think he will go close to that high due to his lack of production this season. McShay also has Bresee ranked No.7 overall, but I expected him to play in the Orange Bowl because of his personality. Dabo also said that Simpson will likely not play in the Orange Bowl due to injury. Other than that, the Tigers are where they were last week from a health standpoint. A couple guys are sick or in yellow, including Davis Allen, but nothing serious.

It was odd to see just 3 quarterbacks with purple jerseys at practice. With DJ and Wiles gone, Danny Pearman's son was working with the QB's, but they didn't even have a purple jersey for him. Interestingly, Dabo had the receivers catching balls for the quarterbacks during warmups to make sure none of them hurt their fingers catching balls. I've never seen them do that before!

I'll have our interviews with Dabo and players posted in a bit along with some practice pics!