CUTrevor 2023-03-13 13:53:21

I just wrapped up a long press conference with Brownell to discuss the obvious disappointment and "anger" to use his word, about the Tigers being left out of the NCAA Tourney when anyone with common sense or a shred of basketball IQ knows they deserved to be in if NC State is in.

He told me there was never any consideration given to declining the NIT bid, as I expected. There are too many positives about playing in the NIT--especially as a No.1 seed--and declining does absolutely nothing to hurt the NCAA idiots that screwed Clemson over. It just hurts Clemson more.

One thing is clear, though, something needs to seriously change in the way teams are rated and evaluated throughout the course of the season because this NET system is putting teams with terrible, losing records in above the 3rd place ACC team at 14-6, and that is an absolute travesty.

There was some good news today. Brownell said Hemenway will be returning next year! He was off to a great start this season but had a miserable senior season with the foot injury followed by an emergency appendectomy! Should be a good team coming back.

I'll have the full press conference posted shortly!