ACC passes new revenue distribution policy

CUTrevor 2023-05-24 14:09:30

Schools will receive a larger distribution for making the CFP and March Madness. Wish it were retroactive! I'm not sure if the distribution is larger for making the CFP than it is for making March Madness, but it should be since it's harder to make the CFP and football provides so much more money than basketball.

This is obviously an attempt by the ACC to keep schools like Clemson and FSU from jumping ship because the SEC and Big Ten are going to be making so much more money from their TV deals. Swofford really put the ACC in a hole with his terrible TV contracts. As most of you know, Clemson can't leave the ACC without surrendering all of its TV money to the ACC through 2035, and Clemson would not be able to have any of its games televised until that time. The only way out of that constraint would be if 7 or more ACC teams all leave the conference.