ACC officially expanding west

CUTrevor 2023-09-01 08:36:51

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Lol In a panic, the ACC has added Stanford, Cal and SMU, which add very little value, because the ACC knows it will be losing Clemson, FSU, probably UNC and maybe more in the near future. This was a desperate move to add members so it wouldn’t disappear like the PAC 12. I believe Clemson and FSU voted against the expansion again, but NC State flipped from no to yes, giving the majority the required 13 votes to pass.

In the meantime, The new schools will receive a smaller share of the money, and that will be divided among the rest. So Clemson will get more money as a result of this but will still leave the ACC eventually. My understanding is that the ACC will bring in 50 to 60 million dollars from the expansion. Half will be divided among the pre-expansion members, and the other half will be allocated based on success in football and basketball--mostly football--per the new initiative that was passed by the ACC a few months ago. Also, Stanford and Cal will only get 30 percent each from the ACC's TV revenue for the next 7 years, and SMU will forfeit all of its share for the next 9 years.

Beginning next season, we will have a new Power Four, but down the road, expect more realignment as Clemson, FSU and others leave the ACC for the SEC and/or Big Ten.