CUTrevor 2023-09-06 18:31:04

I just got off our post-practice Zoom call with Dabo. He said that he like the way the team has responded the last couple days. We will not see a change at kicker despite Gunn's low kicks the other night. Dabo has confidence in him and liked the way he responded in practice. Chalk it up to growing pains and life after Potter!

I asked Dabo how he re-assessed their performance after watching the film, and he said that he felt great about this team going into the game and felt even better about them after watching the film. Sure, he is upset about all the self-inflicted mistakes, but those are all very correctable, and he saw a lot to be excited about. He said that if they run and pass for over 200 yards every game this season, they will not lose another game. He said sign him up for that!