CUTrevor 2023-11-12 16:41:27

Wow, what  a comeback! Davidson went on an 18-0 run to make it 19-2 and led by as many as 18, but the Tigers came roaring back with Girard and Hemenway combining for eight 3's in the second half! The Tigers were just 1-11 from the arc in the first half on Friday, and they were 2-12 in the first half today but got hot in the 2nd half again. It took a few games, but Girard looked like the player we saw at Syracuse for so long. He began the season 2-11 from 3 but made 4 in a row today and was 5-12 in the game with 17 points. Wiggins started again but only played the first 3 minutes. I asked Brownell about it, and he said that he just wanted to go smaller because of the personnel of Davidson and their style of play. He said he was going to not start Wiggins and was kicking himself later. Hall had another great game with 17 points and no fouls in the 2nd half after 2 in the first half. Godfrey had a good game as well.

The Tigers are 3-0 and have a week off before they host Boise State next Sunday. I'll have post-game interviews posted shortly!