Tigers robbed by refs at Cameron yet again, lose 72-71 with one second left (POST-GAME INTERVIEWS & HIGHLIGHTS)

CUTrevor 2024-01-27 18:29:26

Well, the refs did it to the Tigers in Cameron again. Lol I can't count how many times I've seen this movie before. Any time the Tigers have a one-possession game here, the refs are going to see to it that Duke wins. The Tigers could have denied the refs the opportunity with a 4-point lead late, but 3 consecutive turnovers cost them, including a fast-break layup. Duke's only other field goal in the last 6:18 was a 3-point play by Filipowski. They scored 9 of their last 13 points at the free throw line. And the call that gave them the game was horrible and late. Proctor clearly extended his arm to gain separation, and at any other venue or at any other time in the game, that's an offensive foul. Beadle made absolutely no contact from what I saw, and yet they put Duke on the line for the win. And, of course, no call when Hall is tackled at the other end on the Hail Mary! Brownell said everything he could after the game without getting fined by the ACC. He made it abundantly clear that he thought the refs stole the game from them. And it wasn't just at the end, either. I saw several blatant fouls on Duke that weren't called throughout the game.

The Tigers have had the lead with 3 seconds left in regulation in each of their last two losses! This one stings as much as the Tech game, but the bright side is this team is much better than its record, and its record is pretty good. Clemson is a top 15 team and getting healthier, folks. Hemenway is finally practicing again and was cleared by the doctors to play today, even though he didn't, and Clark is back. You have to love the heart they showed today, battling back from a 12-point deficit in the toughest place to play in America against the No.12 team and to have a 4-point lead in the final 2 minutes. I have to believe they will right the ship! They should get right against struggling Louisville on Tuesday.

My post-game interviews and highlights are below!