CUTrevor 2024-03-09 16:43:17

HUGE regular season finale tonight! If the Tigers win, they will secure the No.4 seed and automatic double-bye in the ACC Tournament next week. If they lose, they will need help. They would have the same record as Wake, and the Deacs would have the tiebreaker, but if Pitt loses, then it will be a 4-way tie between the Tigers, Wake, Pitt and Cuse. The Tigers swept both Pitt and Cuse, so it will depend on Wake's record versus those teams. If the Tigers lose and Pitt wins, then Pitt will get the No.4 seed even though the Tigers swept them because they will have one less conference loss.

Fortunately for the Tigers, I will be broadcasting live on the PSF (Pro Sports Fans) app. The Tigers are 8-0 in the games I've broadcast, and they lost the only 2 games I didn't broadcast! Download the FREE app on your phone or tablet to watch me and my cohost, Aggie Dave, during the game!

Tip is at 6:00 on ACCN, and I will try to provide some updates here while I'm broadcasting.

CUTrevor 2024-03-09 18:18:16


Tigers are just 3-18 from the arc! PJ and Chase are both 0-4 and Girard is 1-5. Ironically, Ian is 1-2 and Clark is 1-1. I've been saying all season that Ian needs to take more 3's! Tigers also have 5 turnovers and are shooting terrible from the field. PJ is 1-8 from the field. Tigers have done this in 4 or 5 games this season and lost them all. In fact, this first half was just like their last loss at Notre Dame.

CUTrevor 2024-03-09 18:22:53

Tigers lead 42-39! It's a 14-3 run! POWER OF THE PSF BROADCAST! Lol

CUTrevor 2024-03-09 19:24:34


The refs really screwed the Tigers in the last few minutes with the no-calls and then reversing the goal-tending call. Clark made a great steal, and Chase had his layup blocked. The goal tending call would have made it a 3-point game. Instead, the call was reversed, and that completely changed the game. The Tigers had to start fouling, and Wake made their free throws. Chase hit a 3 to cut the lead to 3 with 12 seconds left, but Wake made their free throws to ice the game.

So unless Pitt loses at home to NC State, the Tigers will be a 5 or 6 seed in the ACC Tournament. They will still get a bye in the first round, just not a double-bye. Who knows, that could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Often the team that has a bye is at a disadvantage to the team that has already won a game in the tournament and is coming in hot.

We'll find out later tonight who the Tigers' potential opponents in DC will be next week. I'll have post-game interviews and highlights posted in a bit!