Proud of this basketball team!

Hill Billy 2018-02-19 14:57:16

Would have been awesome to beat unc and duke in the same season, but I'm proud of this team regardless! I thought we'd lose almost every game after we lost Grantham, and we go on a 4-game win streak (and should have beaten fsu on the road to make it 5). Then when Mitchell went down, I thought duke would blow us out. Instead, we have them tied with less than 2 minutes left! This team has a lot of heart, guys, and Brownell has done an amazing job! Glad we didn't fire him last year and have to start all over with some unproven coach.

ljg48 2018-02-21 13:54:59

Good post, Billy. It's been a frustrating season, like every time we seem destined for greatness we get screwed with a big injury. But you have to respect the way they just keep battling. I hope they're rewarded in the end and can win at least a game or two in the ncaa tourney! We could have made it to the sweet 16 or maybe even the final four if Grantham hadn't gone down.

Go Tigers!